Active Wet Well Volume Calculator

Want to determine the active volume of water in a wet well to manage water flow and pump efficiency? Simply enter your input value cycle time (min) and pump rate (gallons/min) into the calculator. by pressing calculate, it will display the active wet well volume (gallons) in the result.

Want advance level calculation, turn advance mode on input the total cycle time for multiple pumps (min), combined pump rate for multiple pumps (gallons/min), average pump efficiency (%) into the input fields, it will display the total active wet well volume for multiple pumps (gallons).

Active Wet Well Volume Calculator

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Active Wet Well Volume Calculation tool

Why To Use This Tool

It is very useful tool to calculates the volume of water in a wet well that is actively being pumped out. It uses the cycle time and the pump rate to provide the volume in gallons which helps in optimizing pump operations and water demand efficiency.

How to Use the Calculator

Using the calculator is simple. Follow these steps:

  1. Enter the Cycle Time (CT): This is the time duration in minutes for one complete cycle of the pump.
  2. Enter the Pump Rate (Q): This is the rate at which the pump operates, measured in gallons per minute (GPM).
  3. Calculate the Volume (V): The calculator will use the provided inputs to compute the volume in gallons.

How to Calculate Active Wet Well Volume

The formula to calculate the Active Wet Well Volume is:

V=CT×Q4V = \frac{CT \times Q}{4}



Is the well volume (gallons)


 Is the cycle time (minutes)


 Is the pump rate (gallons/minute)

Calculation Examples

Let’s walk through an example to illustrate how the calculator works.

Example 1: Basic Calculation

  1. Cycle Time (CT): 20 minutes
  2. Pump Rate (Q): 50 gallons/minute

Using the formula:

V=CT×Q4=20×504=10004=250 gallonsV = \frac{CT \times Q}{4} = \frac{20 \times 50}{4} = \frac{1000}{4} = 250 \text{ gallons}              

So, the active wet well volume is 250 gallons.

Example 2: Advanced Calculation

  1. Cycle Time (CT): 35 minutes
  2. Pump Rate (Q): 70 gallons/minute

Using the formula:

V=CT×Q4=35×704=24504=612.5 gallonsV = \frac{CT \times Q}{4} = \frac{35 \times 70}{4} = \frac{2450}{4} = 612.5 \text{ gallons}

So, the active wet well volume is 612.5 gallons.


Q1. Why do we need to calculate the active wet well volume?

The calculation for the active wet healthy volume lends solutions to managing the effectiveness of the pump operations and optimal water flow management.

Q2: Can this calculator be used for any type of pump?

Yes, this calculator may be used with any pump; however, you must know the cycle time and pump rate.

Q3: What if I key in the wrong values?

Entering values incorrectly will lead to resultant calculations that are wrong. Be sure to punch in the correct values of cycle times and pump rates for the best results.

Final Thoughts

I hope you liked this tool and found it valuable tool for anyone managing water systems with pumps. It provides simple and easy calculation for volume of water being actively pumped It ensure efficient and effective water management.

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