Anchor Chain Rope Length Calculator

Want to calculate the chain rope length? use this easy to use tool, Just enter Wind Speed (knots) and Boat Length (m) in the input fields of the calculator and get your Anchor Chain Rope Length (m). Lets know how to use this calculator and what formula is used for calculation.

Anchor Chain Rope Length Calculator

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Anchor Chain Rope Length Calculation tool

What is Anchor Chain Rope Length?

The anchor chain rope length is the total length of chain and rope required to safely anchor a boat. It ensures you the boat remains secure even in strong winds and rough waters.

User Guide

To use the calculator is easy. Here’s how:

  1. Enter the wind speed (WS) in knots into the calculator.
  2. Enter the boat length (BL) in meters into the calculator.
  3. The calculator will provide the anchor chain rope length (ARL) in meters.

Example Input Values

  • Wind speed (WS): 20 knots
  • Boat length (BL): 10 meters

How to Calculate Anchor Chain Rope Length

To calculate the anchor chain rope length, use the following formula:

ARL=WS×1.5+BL\text{ARL} = WS \times 1.5 + BL


First, multiply the wind speed (WS) by 1.5.

Next, add the boat length (BL) to the result.

Finally, the sum is the anchor chain rope length (ARL).

Example Calculation

1. Given:

  • Wind speed (WS) = 20 knots
  • Boat length (BL) = 10 meters

2. Calculation:

  • 20×1.5=3020 \times 1.5 = 30
  • 30+10=4030 + 10 = 40

So, the required anchor chain rope length (ARL) is 40 meters.

Variables in the Formula

Variable Description
ARL Anchor Chain Rope Length (m)
WS Wind Speed (knots)
BL Boat Length (m)

Calculation Examples

1. Basic Calculation Example

Parameter Value
Wind speed (WS) 20 knots
Boat length (BL) 10 meters


ARL=20×1.5+10=30+10=40 meters\text{ARL} = 20 \times 1.5 + 10 = 30 + 10 = 40 \text{ meters}

2. Advanced Calculation Example

Parameter Value
Wind speed (WS) 30 knots
Boat length (BL) 15 meters


ARL=30×1.5+15=45+15=60 meters\text{ARL} = 30 \times 1.5 + 15 = 45 + 15 = 60 \text{ meters}

Anchor Chain Length Chart

Wind Speed (knots) Boat Length (m) Anchor Chain Rope Length (m)
10 5 20
20 10 40
30 15 60
40 20 80
50 25 100

Importance and Benefits

Importance Benefits
Ensures safe anchoring Keeps the boat secure
Prevents drifting Reduces risk of accidents
Adjusts for wind conditions Adapts to weather changes
Saves time on calculations Quick and accurate results
Increases boating efficiency Optimizes anchoring process


How long should the rope and chain be for an anchor?

The length of the rope and chain should be calculated based on wind speed and boat length. Use the formula ARL=WS×1.5+BL\text{ARL} = WS \times 1.5 + BL

How do you mark length on anchor rope?

To mark the length on an anchor rope, use colored tape or markers at regular intervals (e.g., every 5 meters). This helps to quickly determine how much rope has been deployed.

What size rope for an anchor line?

The size of the rope for an anchor line depends on the boat size. Typically, a diameter of 1/8 inch for every 9 feet of boat length is recommended.

Final Words

How did you find using the Anchor Chain Rope Length Calculator? I hope it made determining the right anchor length easier for you. Please, let me know if you facing any kind of issue using this tool. I will answer you question as soon as possible.

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