Arden’s Theorem Calculator

Arden’s Theorem is a mathematical concept used in automata theory and formal language theory. Arden’s calculator can help to find Arden’s number, simply enter your values, number of states, number of transitions and number of final states into the calculator and it will display Arden’s number.

Arden’s Theorem Calculator

Enter any 3 values to calculate the missing variable

Enter all values to calculate the advanced Arden’s number and complexity

How to calculate Arden’s Theorem

What is Arden’s Theorem?

Arden’s Theorem provides a method to find a regular expression for a given regular language. It is primarily used in the theory of finite automata and regular expressions.

How to Use the Calculator?

  1. Enter the Number of States (n): This is the total number of states in the finite automaton.
  2. Enter the Number of Transitions (m): This is the total number of transitions between the states.
  3. Enter the Number of Final States (z): This is the total number of final states in the automaton.
  4. Calculate: The calculator will use the formula to compute Arden’s number.

Example Input Values:

  • Number of States (n): 5
  • Number of Transitions (m): 10
  • Number of Final States (z): 2

How to Calculate Arden’s Theorem

The formula to calculate Arden’s number (A) is:

A=m+(nz)A = m + (n – z)


Variable Description
A Arden’s number
n Number of states in the finite automaton
m Number of transitions in the finite automaton
z Number of final states in the finite automaton

Calculation Example:

1. Basic Calculation:

Input Values: n = 5, m = 10, z = 2


First, calculate
nzn – z
: 52=35 – 2 = 3


Now, add
: 10+3=1310 + 3 = 13

Arden’s number (A) is 13.

2. Advanced Calculation:

Input Values: n = 7, m = 12, z = 3


First, calculate
nzn – z
: 73=47 – 3 = 4

Now, add :
12+4=1612 + 4 = 16

Arden’s number (A) is 16.

Basic Calculator Input Example

Input/Steps Values
Input: n 5
Input: m 10
Input: z 2
Step 1 Calculate A = m + (n – z)
Calculation A = 10 + (5 – 2)
Result: A 13

Advanced Calculator Input Example

Input/Steps Values
Input: n 8
Input: m 15
Input: z 3
Step 1 Calculate A = m + (n – z)
Calculation A = 15 + (8 – 3)
Result: A 20
Step 2 Calculate Complexity = A^2 + m * n
Calculation Complexity = 20^2 + 15 * 8
Result: Complexity 400 + 120 = 520


What is the purpose of Arden’s Theorem?

Arden’s Theorem resolves equations in natural language and finite automata theory.

Can I use the calculator for non-integer values?

No, it is designed for integer values only because states and transitions are countable quantities.

What if I lack some input values?

You can leave one field empty, and the missing value will be calculated from the entered parameters.

Final Thought

Hope you found the Arden’s Theorem Calculator is a useful tool for computing Arden’s number in finite automata. Please don’t forget to share your experience and feedback. It will further help us improve the functionality of the calculator.

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