Auger Length Calculator

Do you know how to determine the right auger length for your grain bin? An Auger Length Calculator is a helpful tool that calculates the required auger length based on the height of the bin and its diameter.

Enter input the eve height of the bin (ft) and the bin diameter (ft) in the provided fields of the calculator and get Auger Length (ft).

Auger Length Calculator

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Auger Length Calculation Tool

What is Auger Length?

The auger length refers to the length of the screw conveyor (auger). It used to move grain from one place to another, often from the ground into a storage bin. The correct auger length ensures you efficient grain transfer without spilling or overworking the equipment.

How To Use?

To use the Auger Length Calculator Follow these steps:

  1. Enter the eve height of the bin (E) in feet into the calculator.
  2. Enter the bin diameter (D) in feet into the calculator.
  3. The calculator will provide the auger length (AL) required in feet.

Example Input Values

  • Eve height of the bin (E): 25 ft
  • Bin diameter (D): 18 ft

How to Calculate Auger Length

To calculate the auger length, use the following formula:

AL=(E+12×D)×1.4\text{AL} = (E + \frac{1}{2} \times D) \times 1.4


  1. Add the eve height (E) of the bin to half of the bin diameter (D).
  2. Multiply the result by 1.4 to get the auger length (AL).


1. Given:

  • Eve height (E) = 25 ft
  • Bin diameter (D) = 18 ft

2. Calculation:

E+12×D=25+12×18=25+9=34E + \frac{1}{2} \times D = 25 + \frac{1}{2} \times 18 = 25 + 9 = 34

AL=34×1.4=47.6AL = 34 \times 1.4 = 47.6

So, the required auger length (AL) is 47.6 feet.

Variables in the Formula

Variable Description
AL Auger Length (ft)
E Eve height of the bin (ft)
D Bin diameter (ft)

Calculation Examples

1. Basic Calculation Example

Parameter Value
Eve height (E) 25 ft
Bin diameter (D) 18 ft


AL=(25+0.5×18)×1.4=(25+9)×1.4=34×1.4=47.6 ft\text{AL} = (25 + 0.5 \times 18) \times 1.4 = (25 + 9) \times 1.4 = 34 \times 1.4 = 47.6 \text{ ft}

2. Advanced Calculation Example

Parameter Value
Eve height (E) 30 ft
Bin diameter (D) 20 ft


AL=(30+0.5×20)×1.4=(30+10)×1.4=40×1.4=56 ft\text{AL} = (30 + 0.5 \times 20) \times 1.4 = (30 + 10) \times 1.4 = 40 \times 1.4 = 56 \text{ ft}

Grain Auger Capacity Chart

Auger Diameter (inches) Capacity (bushels/hour)
6 1,200
8 2,200
10 3,000
12 4,500
14 6,000

Importance and Benefits

Importance Benefits
Accurate measurements Ensures proper grain transfer
Saves time Quick and easy calculations
Prevents equipment overuse Protects machinery
Increases efficiency Optimizes grain handling
Reduces grain spillage Minimizes waste


What length grain auger do I need?

To find the right grain auger length, enter the eve height and bin diameter into the Auger Length Calculator. It will calculate the optimal length for your needs.

How do you calculate auger length?

Use the formula AL=(E+12×D)×1.4\text{AL} = (E + \frac{1}{2} \times D) \times 1.4. Enter the eve height (E) and bin diameter (D) to find the auger length (AL).

What is the best angle for a grain auger?

The best angle for a grain auger is typically around 30 degrees. This angle balances efficiency and safety during grain transfer.

Final Thought

I hope this calculator helped you, whether you are a farmer or a student or someone else in the construction industry the Auger length calculator is designed to make your life easier. Please do not confuse to ask any question regarding this toll, I will surely answer you question.

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