Awning Height Calculator

How to find the perfect height for your awning? Use our Awning Height Calculator. Simply enter your pitch, projection, and mounting height into the calculator to find the ideal awning height. For finding the valance height, switch calculator to advance mode enter values in the given fields.

Awning Height Calculator

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awning height calculation tool with formula

What is Awning Height?

Awning height is the distance from the ground to the bottom edge of the awning. This measurement is important to make sure the awning gives enough shade and clearance.

How to Use the Calculator

Using the Awning Height Calculator is straightforward. Follow these steps:

  1. Enter Pitch (inches per foot): This is the slope of the awning.
  2. Enter Projection (feet): This is the horizontal distance the awning extends from the wall.
  3. Enter Mounting Height (feet): This is the height where the awning is attached to the wall.
  4. Awning Height (feet): The calculator will provide this value based on the inputs.

Example Input Values:

  • Pitch: 2 inches per foot
  • Projection: 10 feet
  • Mounting Height: 12 feet

How to Calculate Awning Height

The formula to calculate awning height is:

AH=MH(P×PR)\text{AH} = \text{MH} – (\text{P} \times \text{PR})


Variable Description Unit
AH Awning Height feet
MH Mounting Height feet
P Pitch inches/foot
PR Projection feet

How To Calculate

Let’s calculate the awning height using the example values:

1. Example Values:

    • Pitch (P): 2 inches per foot
    • Projection (PR): 10 feet
    • Mounting Height (MH): 12 feet

2. Convert Pitch to Feet:

Since pitch is in inches per foot, convert it to feet:

2 inches×1 foot12 inches=212=0.1667 feet2 \text{ inches} \times \frac{1 \text{ foot}}{12 \text{ inches}} = \frac{2}{12} = 0.1667 \text{ feet}

3. Calculate Drop:

Multiply pitch by projection:

0.1667 feet×10 feet=1.667 feet0.1667 \text{ feet} \times 10 \text{ feet} = 1.667 \text{ feet}

4. Calculate Awning Height:

Subtract drop from mounting height:

12 feet1.667 feet=10.333 feet12 \text{ feet} – 1.667 \text{ feet} = 10.333 \text{ feet}

5. Result

So, the awning height is approximately 10.33 feet.

Inputs Calculation Example

1. Basic Example:

Input Field Value
Pitch 2 inches/foot
Projection 10 feet
Mounting Height 12 feet
Awning Height 10.33 feet

2. Advanced Example:

Input Field Value
Pitch 3 inches/foot
Projection 8 feet
Mounting Height 14 feet
Awning Height 12 feet


Q1: What is the proper pitch for an awning?

A1: The typical pitch for an awning is between 2 and 4 inches per foot. This ensures good water runoff and enough shade.

Q2: How do I measure mounting height?

A2: Mounting height is the distance from the ground to where the awning attaches to the wall. Use a tape measure for accuracy.

Q3: Will this calculator work for retractable awnings?

A3: Yes, this calculator works for both fixed and retractable awnings if you know the pitch, projection, and mounting height.

Final Lines

How was your experience with the Awning Height Calculator? I hope you found it helpful. Please share your thoughts on using the tool. Let us know if it worked for you and any suggestions for improvement.

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