Bass Reflex Calculator

Do you need to design a speaker system with a bass reflex port? Our Bass Reflex Calculator can help you find the tuning frequency, volume of the speaker box, or cross-sectional area of the port. For calculation, just enter tuning frequency and volume of the speaker box into the calculator, and it display cross sectional area of port.

If you want to determine port length switch calculator to advance mode and enter values into the given fields.

Bass Reflex Calculator

Enter any 2 values to calculate the missing variable

How to calculate Bass Reflex

How to Use the Calculator

The Bass Reflex Calculator is simple to use tool. Just enter the known values into the input fields to find the missing one.

Input Fields and Example Values:

  • Tuning Frequency: 40 Hz
  • Volume: 0.05 m³
  • Cross-Sectional Area: 0.01 m²

How to Calculate Bass Reflex

The Bass Reflex Calculator uses the following formula:



Fb=v2πVbρ/AFb = \frac{v}{2 \cdot \pi \cdot \sqrt{Vb \cdot \rho / A}}


Variable Description
Fb Tuning frequency of the bass reflex speaker
v Speed of sound in air (approximately 343 m/s)
π Mathematical constant (approximately 3.14159)
Vb Volume of the speaker box
ρ Density of air (approximately 1.2 kg/m³)
A Cross-sectional area of the port

Step-by-Step Calculation Example

Here is a calculation example to guide you, how the this calculator compute your value.

For Example:

    • Volume of Speaker Box (Vb): 0.05 m³
    • Cross-Sectional Area of Port (A): 0.01 m²


1. Calculate the denominator first:


Vbρ/A=0.051.2/0.01=62.449\sqrt{Vb \cdot \rho / A} = \sqrt{0.05 \cdot 1.2 / 0.01} = \sqrt{6} \approx 2.449


2. Now, calculate the tuning frequency (Fb):


Fb=34323.141592.44934315.38622.29HzFb = \frac{343}{2 \cdot 3.14159 \cdot 2.449} \approx \frac{343}{15.386} \approx 22.29 \, \text{Hz}


3. Result: So, the tuning frequency (Fb) is approximately 22.29 Hz.

Calculator Input Examples

1. Basic Calculation Example

Input Field Value
Volume of Speaker Box (m³) 0.05
Cross-Sectional Area (m²) 0.01
Calculated Tuning Frequency (Hz) 22.29

2. Advanced Calculation Example

Input Field Value
Volume of Speaker Box (m³) 0.08
Cross-Sectional Area (m²) 0.015
Calculated Tuning Frequency (Hz) 16.62


What is a Bass Reflex Calculator?

It helps calculate the tuning frequency, box volume, and port area when designing speaker systems.

Can I calculate the port length with this calculator?

Yes, the advanced calculator can find the port length if you know the other values.

Do I need to know all the variables to use this calculator?

No, you only need to know two values. The calculator will find the third for you.

Final Thought

How did you find using the Bass Reflex Calculator? I hope it made designing your speaker system easier. Please share your experience and feedback on how this tool helped you. Your respond is valuable to us for his tool improvement.

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