Beam Length Calculator

Doing a construction project and wanna to calculate beam length? Use the following tool that will assist you to determine the beam length. Just fill out calculator form by entering your value, effective depth, diameter of the bar, clear cover size into the tool to determine the beam length for you based on your inputs.

Beam Length Calculator

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What is a Beam Length?

Usually, beam length has just been made to generally refer to the total distance that a structural beam will extend in any particular construction. Beams are horizontal construction elements, spanning an open space and designed to carry loads such as floors or roofs.

How to Use the Calculator

Using the calculator is straightforward. Follow these steps:

1. Enter the Effective Depth (mm):

Input the effective depth of the beam in millimeters into the “Effective Depth (mm)” field.

2. Enter the Diameter of the Bar (mm):

Input the diameter of the reinforcing bar in millimeters into the “Diameter of the Bar (mm)” field.

3. Enter the Clear Cover Size (mm):

Input the clear cover size in millimeters into the “Clear Cover Size (mm)” field.


  • Effective Depth: 400 mm
  • Diameter of the Bar: 16 mm
  • Clear Cover Size: 25 mm

How to Calculate Beam Length

The formula to calculate the beam length is as follows:

BEL=ED+D2+CS\text{BEL} = \text{ED} + \frac{\text{D}}{2} + \text{CS}


Variable Description
BEL Beam Length (in)
ED Effective Depth (mm)
D Diameter of the Bar (mm)
CS Clear Cover Size (mm)

Calculation Steps:

  1. Measure the effective depth (ED) in millimeters.
  2. Measure the diameter of the bar (D) in millimeters.
  3. Measure the clear cover size (CS) in millimeters.
  4. Use the formula: BEL = ED + (D/2) + CS.

Example Calculation:

1. Inputs:

    • Effective Depth (ED): 400 mm
    • Diameter of the Bar (D): 16 mm
    • Clear Cover Size (CS): 25 mm

2. Calculation:

    • First, measure the effective depth: 400 mm.
    • Next, measure the diameter of the bar and divide by 2: 16 mm / 2 = 8 mm.
    • Then, measure the clear cover size: 25 mm.
    • Finally, add these values together: 400 mm + 8 mm + 25 mm = 433 mm.

3. Result:

The beam length needed is 433 mm.

Inputs Examples

Following are the two random input values examples that can help you how you enter the your values and get your result.

1. Basic Example:

Input Fields Values
Effective Depth (mm) 400
Diameter of the Bar (mm) 16
Clear Cover Size (mm) 25
Beam Length (mm) 433

2. Advanced Example:

Input Fields Values
Effective Depth (mm) 500
Diameter of the Bar (mm) 20
Clear Cover Size (mm) 30
Beam Length (mm) 540


How good is the Beam Length Calculator?

The calculator provides an accurate estimate based on the input values. Always double-check measurements for precision.

Is the calculator applicable for any type of beam?

Yes, this calculator can be used to calculate beams of different types by changing the input measurements accordingly.

But what if the bar diameter is non-standard?

Enter any value of diameter you want in the calculator and have the beam length for your specific sizes.

Final Words

How was your experience with the Beam Length Calculator? I hope this tool is best for you requirement. In case you need any additional information, please let me know in the comment section. I will be glade to reply you.

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