Bond Length Calculator

Do you want to find the bond length between two atoms based on their covalent radii and electronegativities? You can use this bond length calculator. Whether you’re a chemistry enthusiast, student, or professional, this calculator simplifies complex calculations into easy steps. I hope you will find my calculator a best one according your need.

Bond Length Calculator

Bond length calculation tool

What is Bond Length?

Bond length is the distance between the nuclei of two bonded atoms. It’s an important factor in molecular chemistry that affects the stability and properties of molecules.

How to Use the Calculator

To use the Bond Length Calculator, follow these steps:

  1. Enter the covalent radius of Atom A into the calculator.
  2. Enter the covalent radius of Atom B into the calculator.
  3. Enter the electronegativity of Atom A into the calculator.
  4. Enter the electronegativity of Atom B into the calculator.
  5. Click the “Calculate” button to find the bond length.

Example Input Values:

  • Covalent Radius Atom A: 70 pm
  • Covalent Radius Atom B: 110 pm
  • Electronegativity Atom A: 2.5
  • Electronegativity Atom B: 3.0

How to Calculate Bond Length

To calculate the bond length, use the following formula:


dAB=rA+rB0.09×xAxBd_{A−B} = r_{A} + r_{B} – 0.09 \times |x_{A} – x_{B}|


Variable Description
dABd_{A-B} Distance between the nuclei of atoms A and B
rAr_{A} Covalent radius of atom A
rBr_{B} Covalent radius of atom B
xAx_{A} Electronegativity of atom A
xBx_{B} Electronegativity of atom B

Step-by-Step Calculation

Add the covalent radii of Atom A and Atom B:

70+110=18070 + 110 = 180

Find the absolute difference in electronegativity:

2.53.0=0.5|2.5 – 3.0| = 0.5

Multiply the difference by 0.09:

0.09×0.5=0.0450.09 \times 0.5 = 0.045

Subtract this value from the sum of the covalent radii:

1800.045=179.955180 – 0.045 = 179.955

So, the bond length is approximately 179.96 pm.

Calculation Examples

Basic Example Advanced Example
Inputs: Inputs:
rA=70r_{A} = 70 pm Total Bonds: 2
rB=110r_{B} = 110 pm Bond Order: 1.5
xA=2.5x_{A} = 2.5 Covalent Radius A: 70 pm
xB=3.0x_{B} = 3.0 Covalent Radius B: 110 pm
Output: Output:
Bond Length: 179.96 pm Adjusted Bond Length: 94.28 pm


What units should I use for the covalent radius?

Use picometers (pm) for the covalent radius.

Can the calculator handle different types of bonds?

Yes, the calculator can be used for single, double, and triple bonds by adjusting the bond order.

How accurate is the bond length calculation?

The calculation gives a good estimate based on standard values for covalent radii and electronegativity.

Final Thought

Please share your experience and suggestions using our bond length calculator. I hope it was helpful and easy to use.

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