Book Length Calculator

Have you ever wondered how many pages your manuscript will be once it’s printed? Use this tool is easy to use. Just enter numbers of the words and average page words into the calculator input fields and get your result in the out put. Also know how to use this calculator to estimate the length of your literary masterpiece.

Book Length Calculator

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Book Length Calculation tool

What is Book Length?

Book Length refers to the total number of pages your book will have. This can vary based on the total number of words in your manuscript and the average number of words per page.

User Guide

To use the Book Length Calculator, enter the following details:

  • Total Number of Words: The total number of words in your manuscript.
  • Average Words per Page: The average number of words that fit on a single page.
  • Book Length (pages): The number of pages in your book.

Example Input Values

  • Total Number of Words: 50,000
  • Average Words per Page: 300

You can enter these values into the calculator to find out the Book Length.

How to Calculate Book Length

The formula to calculate Book Length is:


BL=WWPPBL = \frac{W}{WPP}


BL Book Length (pages)
W Total number of words
WPP Average words per page


To calculate the Book Length:

  1. Step 1: Identify the total number of words (W).
  2. Step 2: Determine the average number of words per page (WPP).
  3. Step 3: Divide the total number of words by the average words per page.

Let’s calculate the Book Length with an example:

  • Total Number of Words (W): 50,000
  • Average Words per Page (WPP): 300

Using the formula:

BL=50,000300BL = \frac{50,000}{300}

BL=166.67BL = 166.67

So, the book will have approximately 167 pages.

Input Example

Total Number of Words Average Words per Page Book Length (pages)
50,000 300 167


How accurate is the Book Length Calculator?

The accuracy depends on how precise your average words per page estimate is. Different formatting and font sizes can affect this.

Can this calculator be used for any type of book?

Yes, the calculator can be used for novels, non-fiction, and any other type of manuscript.

What if my book has images or illustrations?

If your book has images or illustrations, the average words per page may vary. It’s best to adjust your words per page estimate accordingly.

Final Words

You are a writer or a reader, you can easily determine the length of your book by using this tool. Please let me in the comment section if you are facing any kind of error or confusion, I will reply you as soon as possible.

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