Bow String Length Calculator

How to determine the correct length for your bow string? Enter your total bow length into the Bow String Length Calculator to find out the exact string length needed. You can also use advance mode to determine adjusted bow string length.

Bow String Length Calculator

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Bow String length calculation tool

What Is Bow String Length?

The Bow String Length Calculator helps every archer find the accurate bow string length for their bow. The BSL is crucial for proper performance and safety in using your bow. The correct size of the bowstring helps it maintain the appropriate tension and achieve the desired draw length while aiming accurately.

User Guide

To use the Bow String Length Calculator is straightforward:

  1. Enter the total bow length (in) into the input field labeled “Total Bow Length (in)”.
  2. Calculate the bow string length by clicking the “Calculate” button.

For example, if your total bow length is 68 inches, enter “68” into the calculator.

Formula Used

To calculate the bow string length, use the following formula:



Variable Description
BSL Bow String Length (inches)
BL Total Bow Length (inches)

How to Calculate Bow String Length

1. Identify the total bow length (BL): This is the length of your bow from tip to tip.

2. Subtract 4 inches: This constant is subtracted to get the accurate bow string length.

3. Result: The final result is the bow string length.

Example Solution:


Total Bow Length (BL) = 68 inches


1: BL = 68

2: Subtract 4 from BL: 68468 – 4

3: Result: BSL = 64 inches

Thus, the bow string length is 64 inches.

Calculation Example

Total Bow Length (in) Bow String Length (in)
68 64
72 68

Bow String Length Chart

Here is a quick reference chart for common bow lengths and their corresponding string lengths:

Total Bow Length (in) Bow String Length (in)
64 60
66 62
68 64
70 66
72 68

Importance and Benefits

Importance Benefits
Ensures proper bow performance Improved shooting accuracy
Prevents bow damage Increased bow longevity
Achieves correct draw length Enhanced shooting comfort
Maintains optimal tension Better control and stability
Safety for the archer Reduced risk of injury


What is the correct length for my bow string?

Use this formula: BSL = BL – 4. Put your whole bow length into the calculator to find the correct string length.

Can I use it for any type of bow?

You can use it for both recurve and compound bows. Choose the advanced option for a recurve bow to adjust the length further.

What if I have a recurve bow?

For a recurve bow, the advanced calculator subtracts an additional 2 inches for better accuracy.

Final Words

I hope this tool helps you determine the perfect string length for your bow. Your feedback is important to us, so please share your experience and suggestions for improvement.

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