CFM to kW Calculator

How to convert airflow from cubic feet per minute (CFM) to kilowatts (kW)? Here is the solution, use our CFM to kW Calculator. To use the tool, enter values such as air flow (CFM), electricity cost, and system efficiency to find the power in kilowatts.

CFM to kW Calculator

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The CFM to kW Calculator helps you convert the air flow rate to power. This is very helpful in situations like HVAC systems or industrial applications, where you need to know about energy use concerning airflow and system efficiency.

How to Use the CFM to kW Converter

To use this calculator, follow these steps:

  1. Enter Air Flow (CFM): Input the air flow rate in cubic feet per minute.
  2. Enter Efficiency: Input the system’s efficiency as a decimal.
  3. Enter Electricity Cost: Input the cost per kilowatt-hour.
  4. Enter Power (kW): Leave this field blank to calculate it.

Example Input Values

  • Air Flow (CFM): 500
  • Efficiency: 0.8
  • Electricity Cost: 0.10

How to Calculate CFM to kW

The formula to convert CFM to kW is:

kW=CFM×Electricity CostEfficiency×3412\text{kW} = \frac{\text{CFM} \times \text{Electricity Cost}}{\text{Efficiency} \times 3412}


Variable Description
kW Power in kilowatts
CFM Air flow in cubic feet per minute
Electricity Cost Cost per kilowatt-hour
Efficiency System efficiency as a decimal
3412 Conversion factor from BTU/hr to kW

A Solved Example

Let’s calculate the power (kW) using the given values:

  • Air Flow (CFM): 500
  • Efficiency: 0.8
  • Electricity Cost: $0.10

First, multiply the CFM by the electricity cost:

500×0.10=50500 \times 0.10 = 50

Next, multiply the efficiency by the conversion factor:

0.8×3412=2729.60.8 \times 3412 = 2729.6

Finally, divide the first result by the second:

502729.6=0.0183 kW\frac{50}{2729.6} = 0.0183 \text{ kW}

Input/Output Examples

1. Basic Example

Input Values Example Value
Air Flow (CFM) 500
Efficiency 0.8
Electricity Cost (per kWh) $0.10
Calculated Power (kW) 0.0183

2. Advanced Example

Input Values Example Value
Total Air Flow (CFM) 2000
Overall Efficiency 0.9
Average Electricity Cost (per kWh) $0.12
Operating Hours per Day 24
Operating Days per Year 365
Calculated Annual Cost (kW) 84.43


Q1: What is CFM?

A: CFM stands for Cubic Feet per Minute, which measures the volume of airflow.

Q2: Why is efficiency a decimal?

A: Efficiency is expressed as a decimal to reflect the system performance percentage (for example, 80% efficiency is 0.8).

Q3: Can I use this calculator for any system?

A: You can use the calculator for any system that requires CFM to be changed to kW if you know its efficiency and electricity cost.

final words

I hope you found this tool helpful. Please share your experience and feedback. Your input helps us improve and provide better tools for you.

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