Chamfer Diameter Calculator

How to calculate the chamfer diameter quickly and accurately? Our Chamfer Diameter Calculator is here to help you. Enter the original diameter, chamfer size, and chamfer diameter into the calculator to find chamfer diameter.

Chamfer Diameter Calculator

Enter any 2 values to calculate the missing variable

What is Chamfer Diameter?

A chamfer is an edge between two faces of an object. Chamfer diameter is the diameter of a hole or cylinder after a chamfer is applied. It’s important in engineering and machining to ensure proper fit and function.

How to Use the Calculator

To use the Chamfer Diameter Calculator is very simple. You need to enter the following values:

  • Original Diameter (D): The initial diameter before the chamfer is applied.
  • Chamfer Size (C): The size of the chamfer applied.
  • Chamfer Diameter (CD): The diameter after the chamfer is applied.

Example Input Values

  • Original Diameter (D): 50 mm
  • Chamfer Size (C): 5 mm

Leave the Chamfer Diameter field empty to calculate its value.

How to Calculate Chamfer Diameter

To calculate the chamfer diameter, use the following formula:

CD=D2C\text{CD} = D – 2C


Variable Description
CD Chamfer diameter (in millimeters)
D Original diameter (in millimeters)
C Chamfer size (in millimeters)


Let’s calculate the chamfer diameter step-by-step:

  1. Original Diameter (D): Enter the original diameter (e.g., 50 mm).
  2. Chamfer Size (C): Enter the chamfer size (e.g., 5 mm).
  3. Chamfer Diameter (CD): Use the formula to find the chamfer diameter.

CD=502×5\text{CD} = 50 – 2 \times 5

CD=5010\text{CD} = 50 – 10

CD=40\text{CD} = 40

Calculator Inputs Examples

1. Basic Example

Original Diameter (D) Chamfer Size (C) Chamfer Diameter (CD)
50 mm 5 mm 40 mm

2. Advanced Example

Now, Let’s calculate for different values:

Original Diameter (D) Chamfer Size (C) Chamfer Diameter (CD)
75 mm 10 mm 55 mm
100 mm 15 mm 70 mm


How do I do it if I only know two values?

You can enter any two, and the calculator will find the third.

Can I use this for non-metric units?

The calculator is designed for millimeters, but you can convert your measurements to millimeters before using it.

Why is chamfering important in machining?

Chamfering removes sharp edges, making parts safer to handle and ensuring better fit and function.

Final Words

How was your experience with the Chamfer Diameter Calculator? We hope it made your calculations easier and more accurate. Please, share your tool usage experience and feedback with us. Your input helps us improve our tools for everyone.

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