Clo Value Calculator

How warm your clothes keep you? The Clo Value Calculator can help you find out. This tool calculates the thermal insulation value of clothing, known as the Clo value, which helps you understand how well your clothes will keep you warm.

Clo Value Calculator

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What is Clo Value?

The Clo value measures thermal insulation provided by clothing. One Clo allows a person at rest to maintain thermal equilibrium at 21°C with air movement of 0.1 m/s. It’s useful in designing clothing and understanding how different layers affect warmth.

How to Use The Calculator

To use the Clo Value Calculator is simple. Only you need to enter either the thermal resistance (R) or the Clo value, and the calculator will compute the other value. Here’s how:

Input Fields:

  • Thermal Resistance (R): The resistance of the material to heat flow (m²·K/W).
  • Clo Value: The insulation value of the clothing.

Example Input Values:

  • Thermal Resistance: 0.310 m²·K/W
  • Clo Value: 2.00

How to Calculate Clo Value

The formula to calculate the Clo value is:

Clo=R0.155\text{Clo} = \frac{R}{0.155}


Variable Description
Clo Clo value (thermal insulation)
R Thermal resistance (m²·K/W)
  1. Identify the Known Value: Either Clo or R.
  2. Input the Known Value: Enter it into the calculator.
  3. Compute the Unknown Value: The calculator will use the formula to find the missing value.

Example Calculation:

Suppose you have a thermal resistance (R) of 0.310 m²·K/W.

  • Step 1: Identify
    R=0.310R = 0.310


  • Step 2: Use the formula
    Clo=R0.155\text{Clo} = \frac{R}{0.155}
  • Step 3: Calculate
    Clo=0.3100.155=2.00\text{Clo} = \frac{0.310}{0.155} = 2.00


The Clo value is 2.00.

How To Enter Input Into Calculator

1. Basic Example:

Thermal Resistance (R) Clo Value
0.310 m²·K/W 2.00

2. Advanced Example:

For multiple layers with a combined thermal resistance of 0.620 m²·K/W and 2 layers:

Total Thermal Resistance (R)

Number of Layers

Clo Value per Layer

0.620 m²·K/W 2 2.00


What is the Clo value?

The Clo value measures the thermal insulation provided by clothing.

How do I use the calculator if I only know one value?

Enter the known value (either thermal resistance or Clo value), and the calculator will compute the other.

Can I calculate Clo value for multiple layers of clothing?

Yes, input the total thermal resistance and number of layers, and the advanced calculator will provide the Clo value per layer.

Final Words

I hope you found our Clo Value Calculator is a useful tool to understand the insulation provided by your clothing. Try it out, and share your experience and feedback to help us improve this tool.


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