Coherence Length Calculator

Are you working with optics or light-based technologies and need to calculate coherence lengths?. Look no further, here is and easy to use tool, just enter the center of the range of wavelengths and the total range of the wavelengths in the provided input fields of the calculator and get coherence length in the result field.

Coherence Length Calculator

Enter any 2 values to calculate the missing variable

Coherence Length Calculation tool

what is coherence length?

The coherence length refers to the spatial extent over which a light wave maintains a fixed phase relationship. It’s a critical parameter in various applications, including interferometry, laser optics, and optical coherence tomography.

How Does the Calculator Work?

This calculator offer users two methods for calculating coherence length, basic and advance each method uses a different calculation process. You can choose one according your needs.

  1. Basic Calculator:
    • Input the center of the range of wavelengths and the total range of wavelengths.
    • The calculator uses the formula CL=Center of Wavelengths22×Total Range of WavelengthsCL=2×Total Range of WavelengthsCenter of Wavelengths2​ to compute the coherence length.
  2. Advanced Calculator:
    • Input the minimum and maximum wavelengths.
    • The calculator calculates the center wavelength and wavelength range internally.
    • Then, it applies the same formula as the Basic Calculator to determine the coherence length.

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