Coil Length Calculator

How do you find the length of a coil? A Coil Length Calculator helps determine the length of wire needed for a coil based on the outer diameter and the wire diameter. Enter the outer diameter (OD) and wire diameter (WD) into the calculator to find the coil length (CL).

Coil Length Calculator

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coil length calculation tool

What is Coil Length?

Coil length is the length of wire used to form one complete turn of a coil. This is crucial for designing and manufacturing coils in electrical and mechanical applications.

How to Use the Coil Length Calculator

Using the Coil Length Calculator is straightforward. Here’s how you can do it:

  1. Enter the Outer Diameter (OD): This is the total diameter of the coil.
  2. Enter the Wire Diameter (WD): This is the thickness of the wire used to make the coil.
  3. Find the Coil Length (CL): The calculator will compute the length of wire per coil.

Example Input Values

  • Outer Diameter (OD): 10 inches
  • Wire Diameter (WD): 0.5 inches

Formula used

The formula to calculate the coil length is:

CL=(ODWD)×πCL = (OD – WD) \times \pi


Variable Description
CL Coil Length (length per coil)
OD Outer Diameter
WD Wire Diameter

How to Calculate Coil Length

1. Identify the Variables:

    • OD: Outer Diameter
    • WD: Wire Diameter
    • CL: Coil Length

2. Plug in the Values:

    • OD = 10 inches
    • WD = 0.5 inches

3. Calculate:

Subtract the wire diameter from the outer diameter:

100.5=9.510 – 0.5 = 9.5

Multiply by π (Pi):

9.5×3.14=29.839.5 \times 3.14 = 29.83

So, the coil length (CL) is 29.83 inches.

Calculation Examples

Example Basic Calculation Advanced Calculation
Input Values OD = 10, WD = 0.5 Total Length of Wire = 100, WD = 0.5
Calculation CL = (10 – 0.5) × π Single Coil Length = 0.5 × π × 2 = 3.14
Result CL = 29.83 inches Number of Coils = 100 / 3.14 = 31.85 coils

Importance and Benefits

Importance Benefits
Helps design efficient coils Accurate wire length calculations
Essential for electrical engineering projects Reduces material wastage
Crucial for manufacturing specifications Saves time in manual calculations
Ensures proper coil functionality Enhances coil performance
Supports quality control in production Improves product reliability

Coil Size Chart

Coil Size Outer Diameter (OD) Wire Diameter (WD) Coil Length (CL)
Small 5 inches 0.2 inches 15.71 inches
Medium 10 inches 0.5 inches 29.83 inches
Large 15 inches 1 inch 43.98 inches


Q1: What if I don’t know the wire diameter?

The calculator needs both the outer diameter and wire diameter to calculate the coil length. You can measure the wire diameter with a caliper or check the information provided by the wire manufacturer.

Q2: Can I use this calculator for non-circular coils?

No, it is suitable only for circular coils because other formulas apply.

Q3: How accurate is the Coil Length Calculator?

The calculator is very precise if the input values are measured correctly. It uses the standard mathematical formula for coil length calculation.

Final Words

I hope you found this tool helpful and easy to use. Your feedback is valuable to us. Please share your experience and let us know if the tool met your expectations.

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