Counter Offer Calculator

How to calculate a counter offer? A counter offer is a response to an initial offer, often made in negotiations to reach a mutually agreeable price or terms. Enter the original offer and discount rate into the calculator to know the counter offer.

Counter Offer Calculator


The Counter Offer Calculator helps you understand the amount of a counteroffer based on the original offer and the discount rate. It simplifies the negotiation process by providing a clear calculation of what the counteroffer should be.

How to Use the Calculator

To use the Counter Offer Calculator, follow these simple steps:

  1. Enter the Original Offer Amount: Input the initial offer amount in dollars.
  2. Enter the Discount Rate: Input the discount rate as a decimal (e.g., 0.1 for 10%).
  3. Click Calculate: The calculator will display the counter offer amount.

Example Input Values:

  • Original Offer: $1000
  • Discount Rate: 0.1

How to Calculate the Counter Offer

The formula to calculate the counter offer is:

CO=O(O×D)\text{CO} = \text{O} – (\text{O} \times \text{D})


CO is the counter offer amount ($)
O is the original offer amount ($)
D is the discount rate (decimal)

Calculation Guide:

1. Identify the Original Offer (O):

Let’s say the original offer is $1000.

2. Identify the Discount Rate (D):

Suppose the discount rate is 10%, which is 0.1 in decimal.

3. Apply the Formula:

Calculate the discount amount:

O×D=1000×0.1=100\text{O} \times \text{D} = 1000 \times 0.1 = 100

Subtract the discount amount from the original offer:

1000100=9001000 – 100 = 900

Therefore, the counter offer amount (CO) is $900.

Calculation Example

1. Basic Calculator Example:

Original Offer ($) Discount Rate (decimal) Counter Offer ($)
1000 0.1 900

2. Advanced Calculator Example:

Original Offer ($) Counter Offer ($) Discount Rate (decimal)
1500 1350 0.1


What is a counteroffer for?

A counteroffer is one of the steps for you to negotiate the best terms and prices from the original offer.

How do I get the discount rate?

The discount rate can be found through the market condition, negotiable strategy, or your personal preference.

Can the calculator work with different currencies?

Yes, the calculator will work with any currency entered in the values in the selected currency.

Final words

I hope you liked this tool and found it a valuable tool for negotiating fair prices and terms. I encourage you to try the calculator and share your experiences and feedback.

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