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Do You want to calculate the strength of association between two categorical variables? Use the Cramer’s V Calculator, it uses a formula based on the chi-square statistic and provides a value between 0 and 1.

Cramer’s V Calculator

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how to calculate cramer's v

What is Cramer’s V?

Cramer’s V is a way to measure the relationship between two nominal variables. It shows how strong the connection is, where 0 means no association and 1 means a perfect association. Cramer’s V is especially helpful when working with larger contingency tables, like those bigger than 2×2.

How to Use the Calculator

Using the Cramer’s V Calculator involves these steps:

  1. Enter the chi-square value (X²).
  2. Enter the total sample size (n).
  3. Enter the number of rows or columns in the contingency table (k).
  4. Click the “Calculate” button to find Cramer’s V.

How to Calculate Cramer’s V?

The following steps outline how to calculate Cramer’s V using the formula:

V=X2/nk1V = \sqrt{\frac{X^2 / n}{k – 1}}


Variable Description
V Cramer’s V
Chi-square value
n Total sample size
k Number of rows or columns in the contingency table


Let’s calculate Cramer’s V for a given chi-square value, sample size, and contingency table.

1. Identify the values:

    • Chi-square value (X²) = 18.5
    • Total sample size (n) = 100
    • Number of rows or columns (k) = 3

2. Apply the formula:

V=X2/nk1V = \sqrt{\frac{X^2 / n}{k – 1}}

V=18.5/10031V = \sqrt{\frac{18.5 / 100}{3 – 1}}

V=0.1852V = \sqrt{\frac{0.185}{2}}

V=0.0925V = \sqrt{0.0925}

V0.304V \approx 0.304

Thus, Cramer’s V is approximately 0.304, indicating a moderate association between the variables.

Input Example

Example 1 Value
Chi-square value (X²) 10
Total sample size (n) 50
Number of rows or columns (k) 2
Cramer’s V 0.447


What does Cramer’s V tell us?

Cramer’s V measures the strength of association between two categorical variables; one close to 0 indicates a weak association, whereas one close to 1 indicates a strong association.

Can Cramer’s V be applied to any contingency table?

Yes, Cramer’s V is suitable for any contingency table, significantly more prominent than 2 × 2. It also gives a standardized value of the chi-squared statistic so one can more easily understand the strength of the association.

How accurate is the Cramer’s V Calculator?

The correctness of the Cramer’s V Calculator depends on the accuracy of the input data. Ensure you have the correct value of the chi-squared test, the sample size, and the number of rows or columns for accurate results.

Final words

You can now find it easy to determine the power of association between two categorical variables using the Cramer’s V Calculator. With this in place, users of such a tool may easily interpret any form of relationship that would be of use during the analysis and research process. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or require further assistance.

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