Crank Length Calculator

Welcome here, want to determine the ideal crank length of you bicycle based on your height? Use this calculator, input your total height (in) and calculator will display crank length (inches).

The calculator also offer advance level calculation, turn advance mode on enter your total height (in) and inseam length (in) to see optimal crank length (inches).

Length Of Crank Calculator

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What is Crank Length?

Crank length is the distance from the center of the pedal axle to the center of the bottom bracket axle. It plays an important role in bike ergonomics and performance.

User Guide

To use the Crank Length Calculator is simple:

  1. Enter Your Total Height (in): Input your height in inches.
  2. Enter Crank Length (in): Input the crank length in inches if you know it.
  3. Calculate: The calculator will provide the optimal crank length based on your height.

Example Input Values:

  • Total Height: 70 inches
  • Crank Length: Leave this field blank to calculate it.

How to Calculate Crank Length

The formula to calculate crank length is straightforward:

Formula: CL = H * 0.95


Symbol Description
CL Crank Length (inches)
H Your Total Height (in)


  1. Measure Your Height: Determine your total height in inches.
  2. Apply the Formula: Multiply your height by 0.95.
  3. Result: The product is your optimal crank length.


  1. Total Height: 70 inches
  2. Calculation:
    • CL = 70 * 0.95
    • CL = 66.5 inches

Calculation Examples

Example Input Calculation Result
Basic Height: 65 inches 65 * 0.95 61.75 inches
Advanced Height: 72 inches 72 * 0.95 68.4 inches

Crank Length Chart

Height (inches) Crank Length (inches)
60 57
65 61.75
70 66.5
75 71.25
80 76

Importance and Benefits

  • Improved Performance: Proper crank length enhances pedaling efficiency.
  • Injury Prevention: Reduces the risk of knee and hip injuries.
  • Comfort: Provides a more comfortable riding position.
  • Customization: Tailors your bike setup to your specific needs.
  • Optimal Power Transfer: Ensures better power transfer to the pedals.


What is the difference between 172.5 and 170 cranks?

The difference is 2.5 mm, affecting pedaling mechanics and leverage.

What length cranks do pros use?

Professional cyclists typically use crank lengths ranging from 170 to 175 mm, depending on their height and riding style.

How do you calculate crank size?

Crank size is calculated using the formula: CL = H * 0.95, where H is your height in inches.


I hope you liked this handy tool to find the right crank length for your bicycle. Use the Basic Calculator for a quick estimate and the Advanced Calculator for a more precise measurement.

Do not hesitate to ask any question in the comment section, I will glade to answer you.

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