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Here is best useful calculator to calculate Development Length, simply fill out the calculator input fields, 1. Nominal Diameter of the Rebar (m)  2. Stress in Bar at Design Load (Pa)  3. Design Bond Stress (Pa), By pressing calculate button the Development Length (m) will be displayed in result field.

Development Length Calculator

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Development length calculation tool

What is Development Length?

Development Length: It is the length of bar embedded in concrete which is necessary to develop its full strength so that both the bar and concrete act together in bearing loads. The development length depends on various parameters such as bar diameter, level of stresses in bars, and bond stress between the bar and concrete.

Tool Using Guide

To use the calculator, input the following values:

  • Nominal Diameter of the Rebar (D): Enter the diameter of the rebar.
  • Stress in Bar at Design Load (S): Enter the stress experienced by the rebar.
  • Design Bond Stress (BS): Enter the bond stress between the rebar and concrete.
  • Development Length (DL): The calculator will compute this value for you.

Example Input Values

  • Nominal Diameter of the Rebar: 0.025 m
  • Stress in Bar at Design Load: 400 MPa
  • Design Bond Stress: 2 MPa

Development Length Formula

Following formula you can use for calculating development length is:

DL=D×S4×BS\text{DL} = \frac{D \times S}{4 \times BS}


Variable Description
DL Development Length
D Nominal Diameter of the Rebar
S Stress in Bar at Design Load
BS Design Bond Stress

How to Calculate Development Length

  • 1: Multiply the diameter of the rebar (D) by the stress in the bar (S).
  • 2: Multiply the design bond stress (BS) by 4.
  • 3: Divide the result from Step 1 by the result from Step 2 to get the development length (DL).

Calculation Examples

1. Basic Calculation

Variable Value
Nominal Diameter (D) 0.025 m
Stress (S) 400 MPa
Bond Stress (BS) 2 MPa
Development Length (DL) 0.025 * 400 / (4 * 2) = 1.25 m

2. Advanced Calculation

Variable Value
Nominal Diameter (D) 0.030 m
Stress (S) 500 MPa
Bond Stress (BS) 2.5 MPa
Development Length (DL) 0.030 * 500 / (4 * 2.5) = 1.5 m

Development Length Table

Rebar Size Development Length (m)
#3 0.46
#4 0.61
#5 0.76
#6 0.91
#7 1.07
#8 1.22
#9 1.37
#10 1.52
#11 1.68
#14 1.83
#18 2.13

Importance and Benefits

Importance Benefits
Ensures structural integrity Improves safety and reliability
Prevents rebar slippage Enhances bond strength
Supports load distribution Increases lifespan of the structure
Complies with building codes Reduces maintenance costs
Essential for construction quality Provides peace of mind


What is development length?

Development length is the length of a rebar required to anchor properly with concrete so that the rebar develops its full strength.

Why is the development length important?

It is essential for the safety and durability of concrete structures to prevent rebar slippage and to guarantee proper distribution of the loads.

How is the development length determined?

The development length is determined by: DL = D ∗ S / (4 ∗ BS), where D is the diameter of the rebar, S is the stress in the rebar, and BS is the bond stress.


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