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To determine the draw length enter the wingspan (inches) into the calculator and it will display draw length (inches) in the result field. For advance level calculation enter the height (inches), and arm length (inches) inputs, the calculator will display adjusted draw length (inches) in the result.

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What Is Draw Length Calculator

The Draw Length Calculator helps archers determine their optimal draw length. Proper draw length is crucial for accuracy and comfort. This calculator provides both a Basic and an Advanced mode to suit different needs.

Formulas and Variables

1. Basic Calculation

Variable Description
Wingspan Distance from fingertip to fingertip (in inches)


| Draw Length = (Wingspan – 15) / 2 |

2. Advanced Calculation

Variable Description
Height Height of the archer (in inches)
Arm Length Length of the archer’s arm (in inches)


| Adjusted Draw Length = ((Height + Arm Length) / 2 – 15) / 2 |

Calculation Examples

1. Basic Example

Variable Value
Wingspan 70 inches


Step Calculation
Draw Length = (Wingspan – 15) / 2 (70 – 15) / 2 = 27.5 inches

2. Advanced Example

Variable Value
Height 68 inches
Arm Length 32 inches


Step Calculation

Adjusted Draw Length =

((Height + Arm Length) / 2 – 15) / 2

((68 + 32) / 2 – 15) / 2 = 17.5 inches

How to Use the Calculator

Step Basic Calculator Advanced Calculator
1. Select Calculator Type Click “Basic Calculator” button. Click “Advanced Calculator” button.
2. Enter Values Enter Wingspan in inches. Enter Height and Arm Length in inches.
3. Click Calculate Click “Calculate” button. Click “Calculate” button.
4. View Result View Draw Length in the result field. View Adjusted Draw Length in the result field.
5. Reset Fields Click “Reset” button to clear all fields. Click “Reset” button to clear all fields.


1. What is draw length?

Draw length is the distance an archer pulls the bowstring back before release. It affects accuracy and comfort.

2. Why is draw length important?

Proper draw length ensures optimal performance and prevents strain or injury.

3. How often should I check my draw length?

Check your draw length periodically, especially if you notice changes in your form or comfort while shooting.


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