Drill Tip Length Calculator

Are you thinking how to find the exact length of your drill tip? The Drill Tip Length Calculator can help you determine this measurement. Just enter the drill diameter and the tip angle into the tool to find the drill tip length.

Drill Tip Length Calculator

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drip tip length calculation tool

What Is Drill Tip Length?

The length of the drill tip is the distance from the end of the drill to where the flutes begin to form. This dimension is handy for the user to conduct a very accurate drilling exercise, such that one can confirm whether the right drill bit is used.

User Guide

To use the Drill Tip Length Calculator is simple:

  1. Enter Drill Diameter: Input the diameter of the drill in inches.
  2. Enter Tip Angle: Input the tip angle in degrees.
  3. Calculate: The calculator will provide the drill tip length in inches.


  • Drill Diameter: 0.5 inches
  • Tip Angle: 118 degrees


To calculate the drill tip length, use the following formula:

DTL=D2×tan(A2)\text{DTL} = \frac{D}{2 \times \tan\left(\frac{A}{2}\right)}


Variable Description
DTL Drill Tip Length (in)
D Drill Diameter (in)
A Tip Angle (degrees)

How to Calculate Drill Tip Length

1. Convert Angle to Radians:

First, convert the tip angle from degrees to radians.

Radians=A2×57.2958\text{Radians} = \frac{A}{2 \times 57.2958}

2. Calculate Tangent: Find the tangent of the angle in radians.


3. Divide Diameter by Tangent: Divide the diameter by the tangent value to get the drill tip length.

DTL=D2×tan(Radians)\text{DTL} = \frac{D}{2 \times \tan(\text{Radians})}

Example Calculation:

Step 1: Convert 118 degrees to radians:

Radians=1182×57.2958=1.03 radians\text{Radians} = \frac{118}{2 \times 57.2958} = 1.03 \text{ radians}

Step 2: Calculate the tangent of 1.03 radians:

tan(1.03)=1.73\tan(1.03) = 1.73

Step 3: Calculate the drill tip length:

DTL=0.52×1.73=0.144 inches\text{DTL} = \frac{0.5}{2 \times 1.73} = 0.144 \text{ inches}

Input Example

Basic Calculation Advanced Calculation
Drill Diameter: 0.5 inches Drill Diameter: 1 inch
Tip Angle: 118 degrees Tip Angle: 135 degrees
Drill Tip Length: 0.144 inches Drill Tip Length: 0.366 inches

Importance and Benefits

Precision in drilling
Choosing the correct drill bit
Avoiding over-drilling
Ensuring safety
Optimal use of drill bits
Ensures accurate drilling depth
Enhances tool life
Improves project quality
Reduces material wastage
Saves time and effort


What is the drill tip length?

Drill tip length is the distance from the drill tip to where flutes start forming.

How does the tip angle affect the length of the drill tip?

If a drill has a larger tip angle, its tip length will be shorter. On the other hand, a smaller tip angle creates a longer one.

Can this calculator be used for any size of drill bit?

Yes, the Drill Tip Length Calculator can be used for any size of drill bit, provided that you know the diameter and tip angle.

Final Thought

How did you find our Drill Tip Length Calculator? We hope it was helpful for your project. Your feedback is valuable to us, so please share your experience using the tool. Let us know if you have any suggestions for improvement.

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