Gross Floor Area Calculator

Want a quick calculation to find the gross floor area of a building? Enter the average area of each floor and the total number of floors into the calculator to get the gross floor area. This tool is very useful for architects, real estate developers, and anyone involved in building design and management.

Gross Floor Area Calculator

What is Gross Floor Area?

Gross Floor Area (GFA) is the total area of all floors in a building, including all enclosed spaces. It helps in understanding the size and usability of a building.

How to Use the Calculator

  1. Enter Average Floor Area: Input the average area of each floor in the building (in square feet).
  2. Enter Total Number of Floors: Input the total number of floors in the building.
  3. Calculate: Click the “Calculate” button to get the Gross Floor Area.

How to Calculate Gross Floor Area

The formula to calculate the Gross Floor Area is:

GFA=A×F\text{GFA} = A \times F


Variable Description
GFA Gross Floor Area (ft²)
A Average area of each floor (ft²)
F Total number of floors in the building
  1. Identify the Average Floor Area (A): Measure or obtain the average area of one floor in the building.
  2. Count the Total Number of Floors (F): Count the number of floors in the building.
  3. Apply the Formula: Multiply the average floor area by the total number of floors.

Example Calculation

1. Basic Calculation

Description Value
Average Floor Area (A) 2,000 ft²
Total Number of Floors (F) 3
Gross Floor Area (GFA) 6,000 ft²

2. Advanced Calculation

Description Value
Average Floor Area (A) 3,500 ft²
Total Number of Floors (F) 5
Gross Floor Area (GFA) 17,500 ft²


1. What is included in the Gross Floor Area?

The GFA includes all enclosed spaces such as rooms, corridors, and closets, but typically excludes external walls.

2. Why is Gross Floor Area important?

GFA is crucial for understanding the usable space in a building, which is important for planning, selling, and using the property efficiently.

3. Can I calculate GFA for irregularly shaped buildings?

Yes, but you need to calculate the average area for each unique section and sum them up before multiplying by the number of floors.

I Hope you found Gross Floor Area Calculator is a simple and effective tool for calculating the total floor area of a building. Do not forget to share your experience in the comment section.

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