Leg Length Calculator

Welcome, Wanna to determine the length of your legs based on specific ratios and body measurements.? Here is a perfect tool. Enter the leg-to-body ratio and the total body length (in) in the input fields of the calculator and hit calculate button.

Leg Length Calculator

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leg length calculation tool

What is Leg Length?

 The measurement from the hip to the foot is called leg length. It has become of high importance in several professional fields: health, fitness, and ergonomics. Your leg length gives information that can help with adjustments to exercises, choosing the right bike frame size, or improving your posture.

User Guide

To use the Leg Length Calculator is simple. Here’s how:

  1. Leg to Body Ratio (LBR): Enter your leg-to-body ratio.
  2. Total Body Length (BL): Enter your total body length in inches.
  3. Leg Length (LL): The calculator will determine your leg length based on the inputs.

For example:

If your leg-to-body ratio is 0.45 and your total body length is 68 inches, the calculator will compute your leg length.

Formula & Variables

To calculate leg length, you can use the following formula:




LL Leg Length (inches)
LBR Leg-to-Body Ratio
BR Total Body Length (inches)

How To Calculate Leg Length

Check following 3 step to calculate leg length

  • Step 1: Enter your leg-to-body ratio (e.g., 0.45).
  • Step 2: Enter your total body length (e.g., 68 inches).
  • Step 3: Multiply the leg-to-body ratio by the total body length.

LL=0.45×68LL = 0.45 \times 68

LL=30.6LL = 30.6

Your leg length is 30.6 inches.

Input Examples

Input Fields Example Example
Leg-to-Body Ratio (LBR) 0.45 0.47
Total Body Length (BL) 68 inches 72 inches
Calculated Leg Length 30.6 inches 33.84 inches


Q1: What is a leg-to-body ratio?

Leg-to-body ratio is the measure of the length of your legs relative to the total length of your body.

Q2: Why is it essential to know leg length?

Knowing your leg length can be pretty useful for many tasks—cycling, running, and ergonomically setting up work and exercise stations.

Q3: Is this valuable calculator for children?

Yes, the calculator can be used by any age group, including children.

Final Words

I hope, you will found this calculator and guide helpful, Please fell free to comment if you can any question or doubt about the calculation, I will be glade to help you.

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