Length of Pull Calculator

Length of pull calculator can help you to determine the ideal length of pull such as shooting sports. For calculation enter the wingspan (inches) into the input field of the calculator and the it will display the length of pull (inches) in the result field.

Pull Length Calculator

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How to Use the Length of Pull Calculator

To use this calculator, you need to input your wingspan. Here’s a step-by-step guide:

1. Enter Wingspan: Input your wingspan in inches into the field labeled “Wingspan (inches)”.

2. Calculate Length of Pull: The calculator will automatically compute the Length of Pull based on the formula provided.


  • Enter Wingspan: 70 inches
  • Calculated Length of Pull: 27.5 inches

How to Calculate Length of Pull

The formula to calculate the Length of Pull is:

LoP=WS152\text{LoP} = \frac{\text{WS} – 15}{2}


Variable Description
LoP Length of Pull (inches)
WS Wingspan (inches)


  1. Measure your wingspan (WS).
  2. Subtract 15 from the wingspan.
  3. Divide the result by 2 to get the Length of Pull.

An Example:

For example:

Wingspan (WS) = 70 inches


  • Step 1: 7015=5570 – 15 = 55
  • Step 2: 552=27.5\frac{55}{2} = 27

Length of Pull (LoP) = 27.5 inches

Calculation Examples

1. Basic Example:

Wingspan (in) Length of Pull (in)
68 26.5
74 29.5

2. Advanced Example:

Wingspan (in) Length of Pull (in)
80 32.5
65 25

Shotgun Length of Pull Chart

Shotgun Model Length of Pull (in)
Model A 14.25
Model B 13.75

Length of Pull Height Chart

Height (in) Length of Pull (in)
66 13.5
72 14.5

Rifle Length of Pull Chart:

Rifle Model Length of Pull (in)
Model X 13.25
Model Y 14.75

Importance and Benefits

  • Comfort: Ensures the firearm fits well.
  • Accuracy: Improves shooting precision.
  • Control: Enhances handling and control.
  • Customization: Tailors the firearm to individual needs.
  • Safety: Reduces the risk of improper handling.


1. How do you calculate pull distance?

Measure your wingspan, subtract 15, and divide by 2.

2. What is the length of pull on a hunting rifle?

It varies, but typically between 13 and 15 inches.

3. What is the length of pull rule?

The rule is the formula: LoP=WS152\text{LoP} = \frac{\text{WS} – 15}{2}.

Final words

How did you find using the Length of Pull Calculator? Your feedback is valuable to us. Please share your experience and any suggestions you have for improvement. We hope this tool has been helpful in finding the perfect length of pull for your firearm

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