Length of Slope Calculator

The Length of Slope Calculator is a useful tool that can help constructors, engineers to quickly determine the length of a slope. For calculation enter total height of slope and total slope into the input fields of the calculator. When pressing calculate button it will display length of slope in the result field.

Slope Length Calculator

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What is the Length of Slope?

The length of the slope is the total distance along the inclined surface from the base to the top. This is a critical calculation in fields like construction, landscaping, and athletics for determining ramp lengths.

User Guide

1. Basic Calculator:

  • Total Height of Slope (H): Enter the height of the slope in meters.
  • Total Slope (s): Enter the slope ratio.
  • Length of Slope (LOS): Leave this field empty to find the length.

Example Input Values:

    • Total Height of Slope (H): 10 meters
    • Total Slope (s): 0.5

2. Advanced Calculator:

  • Height of Slope (H): Enter the height in meters.
  • Base of Slope (b): Enter the base length in meters.
  • Angle of Slope (θ): Enter the angle in degrees.
  • Length of Slope (LOS): This will be calculated.

Example Input Values:

    • Height of Slope (H): 10 meters
    • Base of Slope (b): 20 meters
    • Angle of Slope (θ): 30 degrees

How to Calculate Length of Slope

To calculate the length of the slope (LOS), you can use the following formula:

LOS=Hs\text{LOS} = \frac{H}{s}


LOS = Length of Slope

H = Total height of slope

s = Total slope

Calculation Process

1. Identify the Values:

    • Height of Slope (H): 10 meters
    • Slope (s): 0.5

2. Apply the Formula:

LOS=Hs\text{LOS} = \frac{H}{s}

3. Calculate: LOS=100.5\text{LOS} = \frac{10}{0.5}

LOS=20meters\text{LOS} = 20 \, \text{meters}

Calculation Example

1. Basic Calculation

Input Field Basic Calculation
Height (H) 10 meters
Slope (s) 0.5
Length (LOS) 20 meters

2. Advanced Calculation

Input Field Advanced Calculation
Height (H) 10 meters
Base (b) 20 meters
Angle (θ) 30 degrees
Length (LOS) 22.36 meters

Importance and Benefits

  • Accurate Construction Planning
  • Ensures Safety
  • Efficient Design
  • Cost-Effective
  • Easy to Use


1. How do you find the length of a slope?

To find the length of a slope, divide the total height of the slope by the slope ratio using the formula LOS=Hs\text{LOS} = \frac{H}{s}.

2. How many inches per foot is a 5% slope?

5% slope is equal to 0.6 inches per foot.

3. What is a 1.5 to 1 slope?

1.5 to 1 slope means for every 1.5 units of horizontal distance, the slope rises 1 unit vertically.


I hope you found both basic and advance Length of Slope Calculators useful for your project. Please don’t forget to post your feedback for further improvements.

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