Louver Free Area Calculator

Do you want to determine the percentage of free area in a louver system? The louver free area calculator can simplifies the calculation process. Simply enter the input the total louver area and wall opening area into the calculator to find louver free area.

Louver Free Area Calculator

Enter any 2 values to calculate the missing variable

How to calculate Louver Free Area

What is Louver Free Area?

Louver free area is the part of the louver through which air can pass, excluding obstructions like blades and frames. This is crucial for proper ventilation in HVAC systems.

How to Use the Calculator

Using the Louver Free Area Calculator is straightforward:

1. Basic Calculator:

Input any two of these values:

      • Total Louver Area (TOLA) in square units
      • Wall Opening Area (WOA) in square units
      • Louver Free Area (LFR) in percentage

The calculator will compute the louver free area.

2. Advanced Calculator:

For more complex calculations involving multiple louver areas:


        • Total Louver Area 1 (TOLA1) in square units
        • Total Louver Area 2 (TOLA2) in square units
        • Combined Wall Opening Area (WOA) in square units

The calculator will provide the combined Louver Free Area.

Calculation Formula

The formula used in the Louver Free Area Calculator is:

LFR=TOLAWOA×100\text{LFR} = \frac{\text{TOLA}}{\text{WOA}} \times 100



LFR  is the louver free area (%)
TOLA  is the total open area of the louver after subtracting obstructions, blades, and frames (sq units)
WOA is the wall opening area (sq units)

Example Calculations

Here are examples demonstrating how the calculator computes values:

1. Basic Calculation Example:

Input Value
TOLA (sq ft) 25
WOA (sq ft) 50
LFR (%) ?


LFR=2550×100=50%\text{LFR} = \frac{25}{50} \times 100 = 50\%


2. Advanced Calculation Example:

Input Value
TOLA1 (sq ft) 15
TOLA2 (sq ft) 10
Combined WOA (sq ft) 50
Combined LFR (%) ?


Combined TOLA=15+10=25\text{Combined TOLA} = 15 + 10 = 25
Combined LFR=2550×100=50%\text{Combined LFR} = \frac{25}{50} \times 100 = 50\%


Why should I know about the Louver Free Area?

It enables effective airflow and ventilation in HVAC systems.

Can the calculator accommodate more than one louver?

Yes, use the advanced calculator for multiple louver areas.

What units should I use for the input values?

Ensure all input quantities are in consistent units, like square feet or square meter.

I hope you found the louver free are calculator, a best tool for your project. It is a useful tool for HVAC professionals and builders. Please feel free to ask any question regarding this tool.


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