Mole To Volume Calculator

Do you want to converts moles of a substance into its volume? It is usually needed, when you need to determine the space a gas occupies at standard conditions. This tool simplify this chemistry, enter the moles, molar volume (L/mol) into the input fields of the calculator. It will display volume (L) in the output field.

You can also use advance mode of the tool to to convert moles to volume for multiple gases. Simply turn advance mode on and enter the moles of gas 1, moles of gas 2, temperature (K) and pressure (atm) into the given fields and press calculate button to see the total volume (L).

Mole To Volume Calculator

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Mole To Volume Calculation tool

What Is Mole To Volume Converter

The Mole To Volume Calculator uses the number of moles and the molar volume to find the volume of a gas. This tool is helpful for chemists and students to easily convert moles into volume. It ensure accurate measurements in experiments and calculations.

How to Use the Calculator

Using the calculator is simple:

  1. Enter the Number of Moles (n): Input the amount of substance in moles.
  2. Enter the Molar Volume (mv): This is typically 22.4 L for gases at standard temperature and pressure (STP).
  3. Calculate the Volume (V): The calculator will use these inputs to compute the volume in liters.

How to Calculate Mole To Volume

The formula to calculate the volume from moles is:

V=nmvV = \frac{n}{mv}



is the volume (liters)


is the number of moles


is the molar volume (liters per mole)

Example Calculation

Let’s go through some examples to see how the calculator works.

Example 1: Basic Calculation

  1. Number of Moles (n): 2 moles
  2. Molar Volume (mv): 22.4 L/mol

Using the formula:

V=nmvV = \frac{n}{mv}


V=222.4V = \frac{2}{22.4}

V=0.0893 litersV = 0.0893 \text{ liters}  

So, the volume is 0.0893 liters.

Example 2: Advanced Calculation

  1. Number of Moles (n): 5 moles
  2. Molar Volume (mv): 22.4 L/mol

Using the formula:

V=nmvV = \frac{n}{mv}

V=522.4V = \frac{5}{22.4}

V=0.2232 litersV = 0.2232 \text{ liters}

So, the volume is 0.2232 liters.


Q1: What is molar volume?

Molar volume is the volume occupied by one mole of a substance, and it is commonly said that for gases, it is 22.4 liters at STP.

Q2. Why the need to convert moles to volume?

Converting moles into volume is a way of conceptualizing the space gas will take, which is quite significant in many reactions and other experiments.

Q3: Can this calculator be used for liquid and solid calculations?

This calculator is primarily used for gases at STP; the other forms of matter, which include liquids and solids, have different volume properties.


I hope this helped you convert moles into volume especially for a chemistry project. It simplifies the process, ensuring accurate and quick calculations. Please don’t forget to share you thoughts for further improving this tool.

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