Oar Length Calculator

Here is the perfect tool to determine the accurate length for your boat’s oars. Simply enter the span between oarlocks (in) and the calculator will display Oar Length (inches) in the result field. You can also use advance mode of the calculator just provide additional information like inboard from oarlock and get total oar length by pressing calculate button.

Oar Length Calculator

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Oar length calculation tool

What is Oar Length?

Oar length is the distance from one end of the oar to the other. This measurement is important for efficient rowing. It helps you row comfortably, avoiding muscle strain, and improves your rowing performance.

How to Use the Calculator

To use the Oar Length Calculator is simple. Here’s how:

  1. Span between oarlocks (S): Enter the distance between the oarlocks in inches.
  2. Oar Length (OL): Enter the desired oar length in inches.

For example, if the span between your oarlocks is 48 inches, enter 48 into the calculator. If you want to calculate the oar length, leave the oar length field empty.


OL=(S2+2)×257\text{OL} = \left( \frac{S}{2} + 2 \right) \times \frac{25}{7}


Variable Description
OL Oar Length (inches)
S Span between oarlocks (inches)

How to Calculate Oar Length

Let’s break down the calculation step by step:

  1. Divide the span between oarlocks (S) by 2.
  2. Add 2 to the result.
  3. Multiply the sum by 257\frac{25}{7}.


Calculate the oar length for a span of 48 inches.

482=24\frac{48}{2} = 24

24+2=2624 + 2 = 26

26×25792.8626 \times \frac{25}{7} \approx 92.86

Calculation Examples

Span (in) Oar Length (in)
48 92.86
50 96.43

Oar Length Chart

Span between Oarlocks (in) Recommended Oar Length (in)
40 77.14
42 80.71
44 84.29
46 87.86
48 91.43
50 95.00

Importance and Benefits

Importance Benefits
Ensures efficient rowing Reduces muscle strain
Enhances rowing performance Improves overall rowing experience
Prevents unnecessary wear on the boat and oars Helps in achieving a balanced rowing rhythm
Adapts to different rowing conditions Increases rowing speed and endurance
Optimizes the use of force Provides better control over the boat


How accurate is the Oar Length Calculator?

This calculator will give you a close guess for the oar length measurement based on general use formulas that rowing professionals typically use.

Can I use this calculator for a different type of boat?

This calculator will adjust between oarlocks measuring different spans in between.

What if I don’t have a standard span between my oarlocks?

You can use this calculator, by inputting the exact span in inches, to generate the recommended oar length.

Final Words

Did you like the Oar Length Calculator? I hope it helped you establish the perfect oar length for your boat. Share your experience and how well the tool worked for you.

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