Parking Area Calculator

Do you want to calculate the parking area for your lot? The parking area calculator can help you to find out the total space needed for parking in a given lot. Simple input the total lot area and parking ratio into the calculator to determine parking area.

Parking Area Calculator

Enter any 2 values to calculate the missing variable

How to calculate Parking Area

What is a Parking Area?

A parking area is a defined space where a car can be parked. It can be an open-air parking lot, a street-side, or a multi-story parking structure known as a parking garage. The size and shape of a parking area are configured to fit the planned number of cars, ensuring adequate access to each vehicle and convenient arrangement with the efficient use of space.

How to Use the Calculator

Using the Parking Area Calculator is simple. Here’s how you can do it:

1. Basic Calculator:

Enter any two values among:

      • Total Lot Area (ft²)
      • Parking Ratio (%)
      • Parking Area (ft²)

The calculator will compute the missing value.

2. Advanced Calculator:

Enter the following values:

      • Total Lot Area (ft²)
      • Number of Parking Spots
      • Average Parking Spot Size (ft²)

The calculator will provide the efficiency ratio of the parking area.

How to Calculate Parking Area

The formula used in the Parking Area Calculator is:


PLS=S×ASPLS = S \times AS



  1. PLS


    is the Parking Lot Size (ft²)

  2. is the number of spaces

  3. is the area per space (ft²)

Calculation Example

Let’s see how the calculator works with some examples.

1. Basic Calculation Example:

Suppose you have 50 parking spaces, each occupying 180 ft².

Calculate the Parking Lot Size (




PLS=50×180PLS = 50 \times 180



PLS=9000 ft²PLS = 9000 \text{ ft²}

2. Advanced Calculation Example:

For example a lot area of 20,000 ft², with 100 parking spots, each 180 ft².

Calculate Efficiency Ratio:


Total  Parking  Area=100×180=18000 ft²Total \; Parking \; Area = 100 \times 180 = 18000 \text{ ft²}



Efficiency  Ratio=1800020000×100=90%Efficiency \; Ratio = \frac{18000}{20000} \times 100 = 90\%



What is a Parking Area Calculator for?

It enables planning and allocating the right amount of space for parking in an area.

Can it compute for irregularly shaped lots?

Just remember that the calculator assumes that lots are rectangular. Any irregular shapes may need to be divided into smaller rectangles, and the area must be found separately for each.

How big should the average size of a parking space be?

An average size is normally about 180 square feet for a parking space, although this dimension may vary according to the regulation and design concept.

I hope you found the Parking Area Calculator is a valuable tool for you project. It is useful for anyone involved in planning or managing parking spaces. still, If you have any question you can ask in the comment section.

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