Powder Volume Calculator

Do you want to find the volume of a powder? Use this powder volume calculator. The tool can provide you accurate power volume using powder’s mass and bulk density. It is very useful tools in fields like material science and pharmaceuticals.

For calculation you will need to enter the powder mass and bulk density into the calculator and it will show you powder volume. For calculating the volume of different powders, use the advanced mode.

Powder Volume Calculator

Powder Volume Calculator

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Powder Volume Calculation tool

What is Powder Volume?

Powder volume is the space occupied by a powder material. It is determined by the powder’s mass and bulk density. Bulk density includes the volume of the powder particles and the void spaces between them.

How to Use the Calculator

  1. Basic Calculator: Enter any two of the following values: powder mass (PM), bulk density (BD), or powder volume (PV). Leave the field of the value you want to calculate empty.
  2. Advanced Calculator: For multiple powders, enter the total mass, average bulk density, and container volume to calculate the remaining volume.

How To Calculate Powder Volume

The formula to calculate the powder volume (PV) is:


PV  is the Powder Volume (m³)
PM  is the Powder Mass (g)
BD  is the Bulk Density (g/m³)

Calculation Examples

1. Basic Calculation

Let’s calculate the volume for a powder with a mass of 500 g and a bulk density of 1000 g/m³.

Powder Mass (g) 500
Bulk Density (g/m³) 1000
Powder Volume (m³) 0.0005

Using the formula:

PV=500 g1000 g/m³=0.0005 m³\text{PV} = \frac{500 \text{ g}}{1000 \text{ g/m³}} = 0.0005 \text{ m³}

2. Advanced Calculation

Let’s say we have a total mass of 3000 g of different powders, with an average bulk density of 1200 g/m³, and a container volume of 0.003 m³.

Total Mass of Powders (g) 3000
Average Bulk Density (g/m³) 1200
Container Volume (m³) 0.003
Remaining Volume (m³) 0.0005

Using the formula:

Powder Volume=3000 g1200 g/m³=0.0025 m³\text{Powder Volume} = \frac{3000 \text{ g}}{1200 \text{ g/m³}} = 0.0025 \text{ m³}

Remaining Volume=0.003 m³0.0025 m³=0.0005 m³\text{Remaining Volume} = 0.003 \text{ m³} – 0.0025 \text{ m³} = 0.0005 \text{ m³}


1. What units should I use for the inputs?

Use grams (g) for mass and grams per cubic meter (g/m³) for density.

2. Can I calculate the bulk density if I know the mass and volume?

Yes, you can. Enter the mass and volume, then leave the density field empty.

3. Is the calculator accurate for all powders?

The calculator is accurate for powders with uniform bulk density. For powders with varying density, results may vary.

I hope you found our powder volume calculator, a useful tool for you project. Please don’t hesitate to ask any question about this tool.

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