Propane Volume Calculator

Are you struggling to find the volume of a propane? Don’t calculate manually but use this Propane Volume Calculator. This tool can calculate propane volume based on your inputs mass and density of propane. It also offer advanced mode for advance level calculation.

Propane Volume Calculator

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Propane Volume Calculation tool

What is Propane Volume?

Propane volume is the amount of space that propane gas occupies. This is calculated based on its mass and density, which can change with temperature and pressure.

How to Use the Calculator

1. Basic Calculator

  1. Enter the propane mass (PM) in kilograms (kg).
  2. Enter the propane density (PD) in kilograms per cubic meter (kg/m³).
  3. Leave the propane volume (PV) field empty if you want to calculate it.
  4. Press “Calculate” to find the missing value.

Input Example:

  • Propane Mass (kg): 50
  • Propane Density (kg/m³): 493

2. Advanced Calculator

  1. Enter the total propane mass (PM) in kilograms (kg).
  2. Enter the average density (PD) in kilograms per cubic meter (kg/m³).
  3. Enter a temperature adjustment factor (T).
  4. Press “Calculate” to find the adjusted volume.

Input Example:

  • Total Propane Mass (kg): 100
  • Average Density (kg/m³): 493
  • Temperature Adjustment Factor: 1.05

How To Calculate Propane Volume

The formula to calculate the propane volume (PV) is:




PV  is the Propane Volume (m³)
PM  is the Propane Mass (kg)
PD  is the Propane Density (kg/m³)

Calculation Example

1. Basic Calculation

For example: Let’s calculate the volume for propane with a mass of 50 kg and a density of 493 kg/m³.

Propane Mass (kg) 50
Propane Density (kg/m³) 493
Propane Volume (m³) 0.1014

Using the formula:

PV=50 kg493 kg/m³=0.1014 m³\text{PV} = \frac{50 \text{ kg}}{493 \text{ kg/m³}} = 0.1014 \text{ m³}

2. Advanced Calculation

For example: Let’s say we have a total mass of 100 kg, an average density of 493 kg/m³, and a temperature adjustment factor of 1.05.

Total Propane Mass (kg) 100
Average Density (kg/m³) 493
Temperature Adjustment Factor 1.05
Adjusted Propane Volume (m³) 0.213

Using the formula:

Adjusted Volume=100 kg493 kg/m³×1.050.213 m³\text{Adjusted Volume} = \frac{100 \text{ kg}}{493 \text{ kg/m³}} \times 1.05 \approx 0.213 \text{ m³}


1. What units should I use for the inputs?

Use kilograms (kg) for mass and kilograms per cubic meter (kg/m³) for density.

2. Can I calculate the density if I know the mass and volume?

Yes, enter the mass and volume, then leave the density field empty.

3. Is the calculator accurate for all conditions?

The calculator is accurate for standard conditions. For extreme temperatures or pressures, adjustments may be needed.

Final words

I hope you liked propane volume calculator tool for calculating the volume, mass, or density of propane. This is a useful for a technician, researcher, or homeowner because it provide accurate result and save the time.

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