PSI To Volume Calculator

Do you want to figure out volume a gas will take up at a certain pressure (PSI)? this is a one minute task! use the PSI to volume converter calculator. For calculation enter the initial PSI, final PSI and initial volume into the input fields of the calculator and get volume from PSI.

This calculator also allow you advance level calculation, turn advance mood on and fill out input fields and press calculate button.

PSI To Volume Calculator

Enter any 2 values to calculate the missing variable

PSI To Volume Calculation tool

How Does This Calculator Help Users?

This calculator can make it easy for you to calculate the volume of a gas when you know the pressure. You just input the initial pressure and volume, and the final pressure, and the calculator will show you v

How to Use the Calculator

Basic Calculator:

  1. Choose the basic calculator.
  2. Enter the initial PSI.
  3. Enter the final PSI.
  4. Enter the initial volume.
  5. Click “Calculate” to see the volume at the new pressure.

Advanced Calculator:

  1. Choose the advanced calculator.
  2. Enter the initial PSI.
  3. Enter the final PSI.
  4. Enter the initial volume.
  5. Enter the temperature change (if any).
  6. Click “Calculate” to see the adjusted volume.

How to Calculate PSI to Volume


V=P1×V1P2V = \frac{P1 \times V1}{P2}



Initial pressure (PSI)


Initial volume


Final pressure


Volume at final pressure

Example Calculation

  • Initial Pressure (P1): 100 PSI
  • Initial Volume (V1): 10 cubic feet
  • Final Pressure (P2): 50 PSI


V=100×1050=20 cubic feetV = \frac{100 \times 10}{50} = 20 \text{ cubic feet}

Initial PSI (P1) Final PSI (P2) Initial Volume (V1) Calculated Volume (V)
100 PSI 50 PSI 10 cubic feet 20 cubic feet
200 PSI 100 PSI 15 cubic feet 30 cubic feet


How accurate is the PSI to Volume Calculator?

The calculator provides an estimate. Actual values can vary based on temperature and gas type.

Can this calculator be used for different gases?

Yes, it can be used for any gas, but results may vary based on the specific properties of the gas.

Do I need to consider temperature changes?

For more accurate results, especially in the advanced calculator, consider temperature changes.

Final Thought

Hope, you found the PSI to volume calculator helpful for your projects. It is very useful tool for anyone working with gases. It can quickly calculate the volume at the new pressure. Don’t hesitate to ask any question I will be glade to answer you.

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