Pushrod Length Calculator

In both cases, you’re a seasoned mechanic or a DIY enthusiast, you can use this calculator to know the perfect optimal length of pushrods for your engine. Simply enter overall Length (in) and  Ball Diameter (in) the calculator evaluate the  pushrod length (inches) in the result field. |And if you want advance level calculation you switch to advance mode mode of the calculator.

Length Of Pushrod Calculator

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Pushrod Calculation tool

What Is Pushrod Length?

In the engine valvetrain system, pushrod length is a critical measurement. Pushrods are used in overhead valve engines to transfer the motion from the camshaft to the valve lifter or rocker arm and, therefore, to actuate the valves. Correct pushrod length results in proper valve timing and clearance, two very important considerations for good engine performance and efficiency.

How to Use the Calculator

  1. Enter the overall length (OL) into the calculator.
  2. Enter the ball diameter (BD) into the calculator.
  3. The calculator will provide the pushrod length (PR).

Example Input Values:

  • Overall Length (OL): 8.5 inches
  • Ball Diameter (BD): 0.5 inches
  • Pushrod Length (PR): 8.25 inches

Formula Used

The formula used by the calculator is:

PR=OLBD2PR = OL – \frac{BD}{2}


Variable Description
PR Pushrod Length (inches)
OL Overall Length (inches)
BD Ball Diameter (inches)

How to Calculate Pushrod Length

Let’s calculate the pushrod length step-by-step:

1: Enter the overall length (OL) = 8.5 inches.

2: Enter the ball diameter (BD) = 0.5 inches.

3: Calculate PR using the formula:

PR=8.50.52PR = 8.5 – \frac{0.5}{2}

PR=8.50.25PR = 8.5 – 0.2

PR=8.25PR = 8.25

Thus, the pushrod length (PR) is 8.25 inches.

Calculation Example

Basic Calculation Advanced Calculation
OL = 8.5 in, BD = 0.5 in OL = 8.5 in, BD1 = 0.5 in, BD2 = 0.6 in
PR = 8.5 – 0.5/2 = 8.25 in PR = 8.5 – (0.5 + 0.6)/2 = 8.5 – 0.55 = 7.95 in

Importance and Benefits

Ensures proper engine timing
Prevents engine damage
Maintains proper valve clearance
Supports optimal engine performance
Facilitates correct installation of pushrods
Accurate valve timing
Improved engine efficiency
Increased engine lifespan
Reduced wear and tear
Better overall engine health



What is a pushrod?

A pushrod is a engine component that transfers motion from the camshaft to the valve.

Why does pushrod length matter?

Engine performance is guaranteed with proper valve timing and a proper pushrod length.

How do I know if my pushrod length is incorrect?

Poor engine performance, unusual noises, and potential engine damage are all symptoms of incorrect pushrod length.

Final Words

How did you get on with the Pushrod Length Calculator? Your feedback is important to us, so please let us know in what way this tool was of help to you. Please share your experience and leave feedback about the tool you used.

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