Ramp Length Calculator

Welcome here, Wanna to determine ramp length? Use our ramp length calculator, just enter ramp height (ft), ramp angle (degrees) into the input fields of the calculator. By pressing calculate button the calculator will display the Ramp Length (ft).

If you want advance level calculation, turn advanced mode on fill out the input fields. By pressing calculate button you can see calculated angle (degrees) in the result field.

Length Of Ramp Calculator

Enter any 2 values to calculate the missing variable

How to Use the Calculator

1. Choose Calculator Type:

    • Basic Calculator: Calculates ramp length based on height and angle.
    • Advanced Calculator: Calculates ramp angle based on total height and total length.

2. Input Values:

Basic Calculator:

      • Ramp Height (ft): Enter the vertical height of the ramp.
      • Ramp Angle (degrees): Enter the angle of the ramp.

Advanced Calculator:

      • Total Height (ft): Enter the vertical height of the ramp.
      • Total Length (ft): Enter the total length of the ramp.

3. Calculate:

    • Click on the “Calculate” button to get the result.
    • For the Basic Calculator, the ramp length will be calculated.
    • For the Advanced Calculator, the ramp angle will be calculated.

4. Reset:

    • Click the “Reset” button to clear all input fields.

Formula and Variables

1. Basic Calculator

Formula: Ramp Length = Ramp Height / sin(Ramp Angle)


    • Ramp Height: The vertical height of the ramp.
    • Ramp Angle: The angle of the ramp in degrees.

2. Advanced Calculator

Formula: Ramp Angle = arcsin(Total Height / Total Length) * (180 / π)


    • Total Height: The vertical height of the ramp.
    • Total Length: The total length of the ramp.

Calculation Examples

Example 1: Basic Calculator

Variable Value
Ramp Height 5 ft
Ramp Angle 30 degrees
Ramp Length 10 ft

To calculate:

  • Height = 5 ft
  • Angle = 30 degrees
  • Length = 5 / sin(30 degrees) = 10 ft

Example 2: Advanced Calculator

Variable Value
Total Height 6 ft
Total Length 10 ft
Calculated Angle 36.87 degrees

To calculate:

  • Height = 6 ft
  • Length = 10 ft
  • Angle = arcsin(6 / 10) * (180 / π) = 36.87 degrees

I hope, our calculator and provided guide helped you. In case you still have confusion regarding the usage of the calculator, you can write us in the comment section.


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