Scale Length Calculator

Its crucial to determine the scale length of any instrument like your guitar or any other thing. However, you can get an accurate scale length if you will use a right tool. Here is a perfect tool that can help you to determine the scale length of your instrument. Simply enter you values, number of frets,  fret to fret distance (in) into the calculator. Your scale length will be displayed in the out put field. You can also use the advance mode of the calculator for advance level calculation.

Scale Length Calculator

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Scale Length Calculation Tool

What is Scale Length?

The scale length is the distance between the nut and the bridge of a stringed instrument. It is key to setting fret spacing and the overall tone quality of the instrument. Understanding scale length helps you set up and play stringed instruments correctly.

How to Use?

To use the calculator, follow these steps:

  1. Enter the Number of Frets: Input the total number of frets on your instrument.
  2. Enter the Fret-to-Fret Distance: Input the distance between two frets (in inches).
  3. Get the Scale Length: The calculator will compute the scale length based on your inputs.


  • Number of Frets: 22
  • Fret-to-Fret Distance: 0.5 inches

How to Calculate Scale Length


SCL=F×FTFD\text{SCL} = F \times \text{FTFD}


Symbol Meaning
SCL Scale Length (inches)
F Number of Frets
FTFD Fret-to-Fret Distance (inches)

For Example:

  • Number of Frets (F): 22
  • Fret-to-Fret Distance (FTFD): 0.5 inches

Steps to Calculate:

  1. Multiply the number of frets by the fret-to-fret distance.
  2. SCL=22×0.5\text{SCL} = 22 \times 0.5
  3. SCL=11\text{SCL} = 11

Scale Length is 11 inches.

Calculation Examples

Number of Frets Fret-to-Fret Distance (inches) Scale Length (inches)
22 0.5 11
24 0.6 14.4

Importance and Benefits

  • Accurate Measurements: Ensures correct fret placement.
  • Improved Tuning: Helps in better tuning stability.
  • Enhanced Play ability: Affects the feel and play ability of the instrument.
  • Customized Setups: Allows for tailored instrument setups.
  • Better Tone: Influences the tonal quality of the instrument.


How to find scale length?

Use the number of frets and fret-to-fret distance in the formula provided.

How do you calculate scale size?

Multiply the number of frets by the distance between frets.

What is the scale 1 to 100?

This refers to a ratio or model scaling, different from musical scale length.

Final Words

A scale length calculator is a useful tool for musicians, luthiers, and instrument enthusiasts alike. I hope this tool helped you for your project. You can ask me any question or give feedback in the comment section. I will happy to reply

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