Specific Gravity To Volume Calculator

The Specific Gravity to Volume Calculator is a useful tool that can help you to convert the mass of a substance into its volume based on its specific gravity. For calculation enter the Mass of the Substance (kg) and Specific Gravity into the calculator given input fields and press calculate button to know Volume from Specific Gravity. Total Mass of Mixed Substances (kg), Specific Gravity of Substance 1, Mass of Substance 1 (kg)

You can also determine specific gravity for multiple substance, turn advance mode on fill out input fields.

Specific Gravity To Volume Calculator

Enter any 2 values to calculate the missing variable

Specific Gravity To Volume Calculation tool

What is Specific Gravity?

Specific gravity (SG) is a dimensionless number that represents the ratio of the density of a substance to the density of water. It indicates how much heavier or lighter a substance is compared to water.

How to Use the Calculator

  1. Basic Calculator:

    • Enter any two values: mass (kg), specific gravity, or volume (m³).
    • The calculator will compute the missing value.
  2. Advanced Calculator:

    • Enter the total mass of mixed substances, the specific gravity, and mass of each substance.
    • The calculator will determine the total volume from specific gravity.

How to Calculate Specific Gravity to Volume

The formula to calculate volume from specific gravity is:


Vsg=mSG×998.2V_{sg} = \frac{m}{SG \times 998.2}




is the Volume from Specific Gravity (m³)




Example Calculations

1. Basic Example

  • Given: Mass (m) = 200 kg, Specific Gravity (SG) = 1.5
  • Calculate: Volume (Vsg)

Vsg=2001.5×998.20.1337m3V_{sg} = \frac{200}{1.5 \times 998.2} \approx 0.1337 \, m³

m = SG \times 998.2 \times V_{sg} = 0.8 \times 998.2 \times 0.25 \approx 199.64 \, kg2. 222. Advanced Example

  • Given: Total Mass = 300 kg, SG1 = 1.2, Mass1 = 100 kg, SG2 = 1.4, Mass2 = 200 kg
  • Calculate: Total Volume (Vsg)

Vsg1=1001.2×998.20.0835m3V_{sg1} = \frac{100}{1.2 \times 998.2} \approx 0.0835 \, m³

Vsg2=2001.4×998.20.1432m3V_{sg2} = \frac{200}{1.4 \times 998.2} \approx 0.1432 \, m³

Vsg_total=Vsg1+Vsg2=0.0835+0.14320.2267m3V_{sg\_total} = V_{sg1} + V_{sg2} = 0.0835 + 0.1432 \approx 0.2267 \, m³


What is specific gravity?

Specific gravity is the relative density measurement of the substance concerning that of water. This is a dimensionless number.

Why utilize the Specific Gravity to Volume Calculator?

This calculator converts mass into volume, which is very crucial in most processes in science and industry. The advanced calculator would work with mixtures; the calculator would always work with the specific gravity and mass of each component.

Final Thoughts

Hope, you found The Specific Gravity to Volume Calculator, a useful tool for converting mass to volume based on specific gravity. It provides accurate results quickly, please do not hesitate to contact me, if you are facing any kind of error while using the calculator.

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