Stair Length Calculator

Want to build stairs? of course precise measurements are crucial for safety and aesthetics. To simplify this process, you can use this Stair Length Calculator. Simple enter total staircase run (ft) and total number of stairs into the calculator to see stair length (ft).

This calculator is also provide you options for advance calculation, you can switch between basic and advance according to your calculation requirements.

Stair Length Calculator

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Stair Length Calculation Tool

What is Stair Length?

Stair length is the measurement from the first step to the last step, measured along the incline. It’s essential for ensuring your stairs are both functional and safe.

User Guide

To use the calculator, follow these steps:

  1. Enter the total staircase run (in feet) into the field labeled “Total Staircase Run (ft)”.
  2. Enter the total number of stairs into the field labeled “Total Number of Stairs”.
  3. Enter the stair length (in feet) into the field labeled “Stair Length (ft)”.


  • Total Staircase Run: 10 feet
  • Total Number of Stairs: 12
  • Stair Length: Leave this field blank to calculate it.

How to Calculate Stair Length

To calculate stair length, use the following formula:


SL=SRSSL = \frac{SR}{S}


Variable Description
SL Stair Length (ft)
SR Total Staircase Run (ft)
S Total Number of Stairs


1. Given:

    • Total Staircase Run (SR) = 10 feet
    • Total Number of Stairs (S) = 12

2. Calculate Stair Length (SL):

    • Use the formula: SL=SRSSL = \frac{SR}{S}
    • Plug in the values: SL=1012SL = \frac{10}{12}
    • Simplify: SL=0.83SL = 0.83 feet

So, the stair length is 0.83 feet.

Calculation Examples

1. Basic Calculation

Input Value
Total Staircase Run (ft) 10
Total Number of Stairs 12
Stair Length (ft) 0.83

2. Advanced Example:

Input Value
Total Staircase Run (ft) 15
Total Number of Stairs 20
Stair Length (ft) 0.75

Importance and Benefits

  • Ensures safety
  • Provides accurate measurements
  • Helps in planning and construction
  • Saves time
  • Easy to use


How long is a 10-foot staircase?

For a 10-foot staircase with 12 stairs, the stair length is 0.83 feet.

How many stairs for 8 feet?

If each stair is 0.75 feet long, you need about 11 stairs.

How long is a staircase for 3m height?

For a 3-meter high staircase (approximately 9.84 feet), with 12 stairs, each stair is about 0.82 feet long.

Final Words

I hope you liked this calculator and guide, please feel free to ask any question regarding this calculator in the comment section, I will glade to reply you.

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