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Steps to Calories Calculator can help you to estimate the number of calories you spends by walking or running. It helps show one’s progress and set goals for good health. Simple enter steps into the calculator, the calculator will estimate calories.



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Calculator Usage

This calculator allows you in converting the numbers of steps a person takes into calories burned. Which, in turn, makes it easier to manage weight and monitor physical activity.

A Steps to Calories Calculator approximates the burned calories based on the taken steps. It uses a simple formula to give you a quick answer.

How to Use the Calculator

  1. Enter the Number of Steps: Input the total steps you’ve taken.
  2. Calculate: The calculator will apply the formula to determine how many calories you have burned.
  3. View Results: Calories burned according to your steps.

How to Convert Steps to Calories?

The formula by which steps are converted into calories is: Calories = Number of Steps × 0.04 Calories = Number of Steps × 0.04 That’s it. On average, per step taken, 0.04 calories are burned.

Worked Example: Of course, there is quickly an example of how you might calculate this for a couple of outputs.

Example 1:

Number of Steps: 5000 Calories

Burned: 5000 × 0.04 = 200 5000 × 0.04 = 200

Example 2:

Number of Steps: 10000

Calories Burned: 10000 × 0.04 = 400 10000 × 0.04 = 400

Calculations Example

Number of Steps Calories Burned
5000 200
10000 400


How accurate is the Steps to Calories Calculator?

The calculator provides an estimate, so it can’t. Actual calories burned will vary according to weight and speed of stepping.

Can I use this calculator for running?

Yes, but remember that you usually burn more calories per step while running.

Does everyone burn calories at the same rate?

No-calorie burn is influenced by body weight, age, and physical condition.

A step to calories calculator is your everyday friend tool, helps you to monitor how many calories you have burnt while walking or running.

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