Stride Length Calculator

The stride length calculator is a useful tool to track your walking or running distance accurately. You can quickly find your stride length and distance, simply enter stride length (meters), steps into the calculator and by pressing calculate button the calculator will display distance (meters).

Height Stride Length Calculator

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What Is Stride Length

Stride length is the distance covered in one stride (a step with one foot followed by a step with the other foot). It’s usually measured in meters. Accurate stride length measurement helps in determining the distance traveled during walking or running.

Stride Length Formula

This calculator offer two calculation modes basic and advance. Following are formula for each mode.

1. Basic Stride Length Formula

Distance=Stride Length×Steps\text{Distance} = \text{Stride Length} \times \text{Steps}

2. Advanced Stride Length and Efficiency Formula

Average Stride Length=Total Distance (meters)Total Steps\text{Average Stride Length} = \frac{\text{Total Distance (meters)}}{\text{Total Steps}}

Efficiency=Total Distance (meters)Energy Expended (Calories)\text{Efficiency} = \frac{\text{Total Distance (meters)}}{\text{Energy Expended (Calories)}}

How to Calculate Stride Length?

The calculate calculates your values in two methods basic and advance level calculation, following is the procedure.

1. Basic Calculation:

  1. Measure Stride Length: Input your stride length in meters.
  2. Count Steps: Count the total steps taken.
  3. Calculate Distance: Multiply stride length by steps to get the total distance.


Variable Value
Stride Length 0.75 meters
Steps 1000
Distance 750 meters
Distance=0.75meters×1000=750meters\text{Distance} = 0.75 \, \text{meters} \times 1000 = 750 \, \text{meters}

2. Advanced Calculation:

  1. Measure Total Distance: Input the total distance covered in kilometers.
  2. Count Total Steps: Input the total steps taken.
  3. Measure Energy Expended: Input the energy expended in calories.
  4. Calculate Average Stride Length and Efficiency: Use the advanced formula to find the average stride length and efficiency.


Variable Value
Total Distance 5 km
Total Steps 7000
Energy Expended 350 calories
Average Stride Length 0.71 meters
Efficiency 14.29 meters/calorie
Average Stride Length=5000meters7000=0.71meters\text{Average Stride Length} = \frac{5000 \, \text{meters}}{7000} = 0.71 \, \text{meters}

Efficiency=5000meters350calories=14.29meters/calorie\text{Efficiency} = \frac{5000 \, \text{meters}}{350 \, \text{calories}} = 14.29 \, \text{meters/calorie}

How to Use the Stride Length Calculator?

Using the calculator is very simple, use following step to learn how to input and get accurate result.

1. Select Calculator Type:

Choose Basic or Advanced Calculator by clicking the corresponding button.

2. Input Values:

For Basic Calculator: Enter stride length and steps, or steps and distance.

For Advanced Calculator: Enter total distance, total steps, and energy expended.

3. Calculate:

Click the “Calculate” button to get your results.

4. Reset:

Use the “Reset” button to clear all fields for new calculations.

This tool is your daily assistance for calculating stride length. I hope you liked it. Please reach me by posting a comment, in case you are facing any kind of confusion while using it.


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