Stringer Length Calculator

This Stringer Length Calculator can assist you to determine the length of stair stringers for your construction projects. Simply input total numbers of steps, and press calculate button to see stringer length (inches). Also you can use advance calculation to measure stringer length, switch calculator to advance mode, input your values and click calculate button.

Stringer Length Calculator

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Stringer Length Calculation Tool

What is a Stringer Length?

The stringer length is the diagonal length of a stair stringer, which supports the treads and risers of a staircase. This measurement is crucial for making sure your stairs are stable and safe.

User Guide

To use the calculator, you need to input the total number of steps. Here’s how you can do it:

  1. Enter the total number of steps into the “Total Number of Steps” field.
  2. If you already know the stringer length, you can enter it to find the number of steps.
  3. The calculator will provide you with the stringer length in inches.

Example Input Values:

  • Total Number of Steps: 5

How to Calculate Stringer Length

To calculate the stringer length, you can use the following formula:

STL=S×14\text{STL} = \text{S} \times 14


Variable Description
STL Stringer Length (inches)
S Total Number of Steps

Identify the total number of steps (S).

Multiply the total number of steps by 14 to get the stringer length.

Example Calculation:

  1. Identify the total number of steps: Let’s say the total number of steps (S) is 5.
  2. Multiply by 14: 5×14=705 \times 14 = 70
  3. Result: The stringer length is 70 inches.

1. Basic Calculation Example:

Input Value
Total Number of Steps 5
Stringer Length (inches) 70

2. Advanced Calculation Example:

Input Value
Total Number of Steps 8
Stringer Length (inches) 112

Stair Stringer Size Chart

Total Number of Steps Stringer Length (inches)
3 42
4 56
5 70
6 84
7 98
8 112

Importance and Benefits

  • Ensures safety and stability
  • Helps in accurate construction
  • Saves time and effort
  • Provides precise measurements
  • Easy to use and understand


How long are 4 step stringers?

4-step stringers are 56 inches long.

What is the length for a stringer made from 2×12 lumber?

The length of a 2×12 stringer depends on the number of steps and the specific design requirements.

How many stringers for 30 inch stairs?

For a 30-inch wide stair, you usually need 2-3 stringers, depending on the load and design.

Final Words

I hope you found our Stringer Length Calculator helpful. How was your experience using the tool? If you are facing any kind of issue using this calculator, please let me know in the comment section below. I will glade to answer you.

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