Survey Length Calculator

Are you trying to determine how long your survey will take to complete? The Survey Length Calculator can help you find out by entering the survey word count and the total number of rows into the calculator to find the estimated survey length.

Survey Length Calculator

Enter any 2 values to calculate the missing variable

User Guide

To use the Survey Length Calculator, follow these simple steps:

  1. Enter the Survey Word Count: Input the total number of words in your survey.
  2. Enter the Total Number of Rows: Input the number of rows in your survey.
  3. Calculate the Survey Length: The calculator will estimate the survey length in minutes.


  • Survey Word Count: 1000 words
  • Total Number of Rows: 50 rows

How to Calculate Survey Length

The formula to calculate the Survey Length (SUR) is:

SUR=(W5+R×1.8)60\text{SUR} = \frac{\left( \frac{W}{5} + R \times 1.8 \right)}{60}


Variable Description
SUR Survey Length (minutes)
W Survey word count
R Total number of rows

Calculation Guide

  1. Determine the Survey Word Count (W): This is the total number of words in your survey.
  2. Determine the Total Number of Rows (R): This is the number of rows in your survey.
  3. Apply the Formula: Use the formula to calculate the Survey Length (SUR).

Example Calculation:

  • Survey Word Count (W): 1000 words
  • Total Number of Rows (R): 50 rows

1: Divide the word count by 5 (1000 / 5 = 200)

2: Multiply the number of rows by 1.8 (50 * 1.8 = 90)

3: Add the results from steps 1 and 2 (200 + 90 = 290)

4: Divide by 60 to convert to minutes (290 / 60 ≈ 4.83 minutes)

Calculation Example

Survey Word Count Total Number of Rows Survey Length (minutes)
1000 50 4.83
1500 75 8.25


But what if I have more than one section in my survey?

Just take each section separately and find the word count and row count for that section; then sum all those figures to determine the total survey length.

Can I use this calculator to find the time for different types of surveys?

Yes, you can use this calculator if you can provide the word count and row count.

Why are we dividing by 60 in our formula?

We divide by 60 to convert the total time from seconds to minutes.


I have tried my best to develop a best survey length calculator in basic and advance mode. It is up to you, whether you want to use basic and advance mode. Please, do not hesitate ask any question, I will be happy to answer you as soon as possible.

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