Thermal Energy Calculator

Thermal Energy Calculator

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Simple Thermal Energy Calculator

To use the thermal energy calculator, enter values specific heat, change in temperature, mass, mass unit conversation factor, energy unit conversion factor into the calculator. By pressing calculate button, it will show you thermal energy based on your inputs.

How to calculate Thermal Energy


How do you calculate thermal energy? Our tool can help you to determine the amount of thermal energy transferred in a system based on mass, specific heat, and temperature change.

What is Thermal Energy?

Thermal energy, or heat energy, is the energy in a substance due to its temperature. When the temperature of the substance increase, the thermal energy also increase. This energy comes from the motion of particles within the object.

How to Use the Calculator

To use the Thermal Energy Calculator, follow these steps:

1. Simple Calculator

  1. Enter the mass (m): This is the mass of the substance in kilograms (kg).
  2. Enter the specific heat (c): This is the specific heat capacity of the substance in joules per kilogram per degree Celsius (J/kg°C).
  3. Enter the change in temperature (ΔT): This is the difference in temperature in degrees Celsius (°C).

2. Advanced calculator

For advanced calculations, you can input additional parameters such as mass conversion factor and energy conversion factor.

  • Mass (m): 2 kg
  • Specific Heat (c): 4.18 J/kg°C
  • Change in Temperature (ΔT): 10°C

How to Calculate Thermal Energy

The formula to calculate thermal energy is:

Q=mcΔTQ = m \cdot c \cdot \Delta T


Variable Description Unit
Q Thermal Energy Joules (J)
m Mass Kilograms (kg)
c Specific Heat Capacity J/kg°C
ΔT Change in Temperature °C

Steps to Calculate:

  1. Identify the mass (m) of the substance.
  2. Determine the specific heat (c) of the substance.
  3. Measure the change in temperature (ΔT) of the substance.
  4. Apply the formula to calculate thermal energy (Q).

Example Calculation


    • Mass (m) = 2 kg
    • Specific Heat (c) = 4.18 J/kg°C
    • Change in Temperature (ΔT) = 10°C


First, multiply the mass (2 kg) by the specific heat

(4.18 J/kg°C): 2×4.18=8.362 \times 4.18 = 8.36

Then, multiply this result by the change in temperature (10°C):

8.36×10=83.68.36 \times 10 = 83.6

Therefore, the thermal energy (Q) is 83.6 Joules (J).

Calculator Input Example

1. Basic Calculator Example:

Input Value Amount
Mass (m) 2 kg
Specific Heat (c) 4.18 J/kg°C
Temperature Change (ΔT) 10°C
Thermal Energy (Q) 83.6 J

2. Advanced Example:

Input Value Amount
Mass (m) 5 kg
Specific Heat (c) 2 J/kg°C
Temperature Change (ΔT) 20°C
Mass Conversion Factor 1
Energy Conversion Factor 1
Thermal Energy (Q) 200 J


What is thermal energy?

Thermal energy comes from the heat generated by the motion of particles inside an object.

Why is specific heat important?

It tells us how much heat is needed to raise the temperature of a unit mass of a substance by one degree Celsius.

Can this calculator be used for any substance?

Yes, as long as you know the specific heat capacity of the substance, the calculator can be used.

Final Words

I hope you liked this tool for simplifying the process of calculating thermal energy transferred in a system. You can share your experience using this tool and provide feedback to help us improve it.

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