Top Chord Length Calculator

Top chord length calculator is a useful tool for construction and engineering projects. For using basic calculator enter truss base ($), truss height ($), into the input fields of the calculator and the by pressing calculate button it will evaluate top chord length in the result field.

Want more detailed advance calculation turn advance mode on enter truss base 1 ($), truss height 1 ($), truss Base 2 ($), truss height 2 ($) as input into the calculator and it will show you combined top chord length in the result.

Length Of Top Chord Calculator

Enter any 2 values to calculate the missing variable

What Is Top Chord Length

Top Chord Length refers to the length of the upper edge of a truss, which spans from one end of the truss to the other, often forming the hypotenuse of a right triangle.


The calculator calculate your input values in two modes basic and advance. Following are formula’s for each mode.

1. Basic Formula

Top Chord Length=(Base2)2+Height2\text{Top Chord Length} = \sqrt{\left(\frac{\text{Base}}{2}\right)^2 + \text{Height}^2}

2. Advanced Formula

Combined Top Chord Length

=(Base 12)2+Height 12+(Base 22)2+Height 22\text{Combined Top Chord Length} = \sqrt{\left(\frac{\text{Base 1}}{2}\right)^2 + \text{Height 1}^2} + \sqrt{\left(\frac{\text{Base 2}}{2}\right)^2 + \text{Height 2}^2}


1. Basic Calculation Variables

  • Base: The length of the base of the truss (in inches).
  • Height: The height of the truss (in inches).

2. Advanced Calculation Variables

  • Base 1: The length of the first base of the truss (in inches).
  • Height 1: The height of the first truss (in inches).
  • Base 2: The length of the second base of the truss (in inches).
  • Height 2: The height of the second truss (in inches).

Calculation Example

1. Basic Calculation Example

Variable Value (inches)
Base 40
Height 30

Using the basic formula:

Top Chord Length

=(402)2+302=202+302=400+900=130036.06inches\text{Top Chord Length} = \sqrt{\left(\frac{40}{2}\right)^2 + 30^2} = \sqrt{20^2 + 30^2} = \sqrt{400 + 900} = \sqrt{1300} \approx 36.06 \, \text{inches}

2. Advanced Calculation Example

Variable Value (inches)
Base 1 40
Height 1 30
Base 2 50
Height 2 40

Using the advanced formula:

Combined Top Chord Length

=(402)2+302+(502)2+402\text{Combined Top Chord Length} = \sqrt{\left(\frac{40}{2}\right)^2 + 30^2} + \sqrt{\left(\frac{50}{2}\right)^2 + 40^2}        

36.06+47.17=83.23inches\approx 36.06 + 47.17 = 83.23 \, \text{inches}

How to Use the Calculator

Using this calculator is easy, follow following steps:

1. Select Calculator Type:

Click the “Basic Calculator” button for basic calculations.

Click the “Advanced Calculator” button for advanced calculations.

2. Input Values:

For the Basic Calculator: Enter the base and height of the truss.

For the Advanced Calculator: Enter the bases and heights of both trusses.

3. Calculate:

Click the “Calculate” button to get the result.

4. Reset:

Use the “Reset” button to clear all input fields for new calculations.

Top Chord Length is a helpful tool for construction project, I hope you enjoyed it, In case of any confusion while using it, you can reach me by simply posting the comment.

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