Torso Length Calculator

Want to determine the torso length quickly and accurately. Here is handy tool that will help you, just enter the leg to torso ratio and the leg length (in) in the input fields of the calculator and get the Torso Length (in). Also read ultimate guide to use the this tool.

Torso Length Calculator

Torso  Length Calculation tool


A Torso Length Calculator is a tool designed to calculate the length of your torso using specific measurements. It is particularly useful for determining body proportions and is commonly used in fitness, clothing design, and ergonomics.

User Guide

To use the Torso Length Calculator is simple. You need to provide:

  • Leg Length (in inches)
  • Leg to Torso Ratio

Example Input Values

  • Leg Length: 32 inches
  • Leg to Torso Ratio: 1.5

Enter these values into the calculator to find your torso length.

How to Calculate Torso Length

To calculate your torso length, you can use the formula:

TL=LLTRTL = \frac{L}{LTR}

Formula Variables

Variable Description
TL Torso Length (inches)
LTR Leg to Torso Ratio
L Leg Length (inches)


1. Identify the values for leg length (L) and leg-to-torso ratio (LTR).

2. Apply the formula: Divide the leg length (L) by the leg-to-torso ratio (LTR).

3. Calculate the torso length (TL) using the formula.


  • Leg Length (L): 32 inches
  • Leg to Torso Ratio (LTR): 1.5


TL=321.5=21.33 inchesTL = \frac{32}{1.5} = 21.33 \text{ inches}

So, the torso length is approximately 21.33 inches.

Calculation Examples

1. Basic Calculation

Input Value
Leg Length 30 in
LTR 1.5
Torso Length 20 in

2. Advanced Calculation

Input Value
Total Height 70 in
Arm Span 72 in
Torso Length 35.5 in

Ideal and Average Torso Lengths for Males and Females

Height Male Torso Length (in) Female Torso Length (in)
5’1″ 17.5 16.5
5’5″ 19.5 18.5
5’10” 21.5 20.5
6’0″ 22.5 21.5
6’5″ 24.5 23.5
7’0″ 26.5 25.5

Importance and Benefits

  • Determines accurate body proportions.
  • Helps in selecting appropriately fitting clothes.
  • Useful for ergonomic assessments.
  • Assists in personalized fitness plans.
  • Enhances comfort in sports and activities.


How do I know if my torso is long?

You can compare your torso length with standard measurements or use the calculator to find out.

How do you measure your full torso?

Measure from the base of your neck to the top of your hip bone.

Where does the torso end?

The torso ends at the top of the hip bone.

Final Words

I hope this tools helped a lot, Please share your ideas, suggestions and questions regarding this calculator in the comment section. I will glade to answer you.

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