Trailer Tongue Length Calculator

Trailer length calculator is designed to quickly determine the ideal length based on the width of the tires and the distance between them. The correct trailer tongue length is essential for safe and efficient towing. For basic calculation enter width of tire (inches) into the input field of the calculator and the calculator will evaluate trailer tongue length (inches) in result.

For advance calculation enter width of tire 1 (inches), width of tire 2 (inches), distance between tires (inches) and by pressing calculate button the calculator will show optimal trailer tongue length (inches) in the result field.

Length Of Trailer Tongue Calculator

Enter any 1 value to calculate the missing variable

What Is Trailer Tongue Length

Trailer Tongue Length refers to the length of the tongue that extends from the trailer to the hitch on the towing vehicle. It is crucial for maintaining stability and control while towing.


This calculator works in two modes, basic and advance for calculating the trailer tongue length:

1. Basic Formula

Trailer Tongue Length=Width of Tire×2\text{Trailer Tongue Length} = \text{Width of Tire} \times 2

2. Advanced Formula

Optimal Trailer Tongue Length
=(Width of Tire 1+Width of Tire 22)+Distance Between Tires\text{Optimal Trailer Tongue Length} = \left( \frac{\text{Width of Tire 1} + \text{Width of Tire 2}}{2} \right) + \text{Distance Between Tires}


1. Basic Calculation Variables

  • Width of Tire: The width of one tire (in inches).

2. Advanced Calculation Variables

  • Width of Tire 1: The width of the first tire (in inches).
  • Width of Tire 2: The width of the second tire (in inches).
  • Distance Between Tires: The distance between the two tires (in inches).

Calculation Example

1. Basic Calculation Example

Variable Value (inches)
Width of Tire 20

Using the basic formula:

Trailer Tongue Length=20×2=40inches\text{Trailer Tongue Length} = 20 \times 2 = 40 \, \text{inches}

2. Advanced Calculation Example

Variable Value (inches)
Width of Tire 1 18
Width of Tire 2 22
Distance Between Tires 10

Using the advanced formula:

Optimal Trailer Tongue Length
=(18+222)+10=20+10=30inches\text{Optimal Trailer Tongue Length} = \left( \frac{18 + 22}{2} \right) + 10 = 20 + 10 = 30 \, \text{inches}

How to Use the Calculator

This  calculator is user-friendly and efficient. Follow these steps to learn how to input and get result:

1. Select Calculator Type:

Click the “Basic Calculator” button for basic calculations.

Click the “Advanced Calculator” button for advanced calculations.

2. Input Values:

For the Basic Calculator: Enter the width of one tire.

For the Advanced Calculator: Enter the widths of both tires and the distance between them.

3. Calculate:

Click the “Calculate” button to get the result.

4. Reset:

Use the “Reset” button to clear all input fields for new calculations.

This calculator simplify the process of calculating trailer toung length. I hope the calculator and provided guided helped you for your task. Please do not hesitate to post you feedback in the comment section.

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