Unit Cell Volume Calculator

Are you trying to find the volume of a unit cell? stay here and use the unit cell volume calculator. The uses the unit cell’s mass and density to compute this value and it is very helpful in material science and crystallography.

For calculation enter the unit cell mass and unit cell density into the given input fields and calculator will calculate unit cell volume. You can also use advanced mode for advance level calculation.

Unit Cell Volume Calculator

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Unit Cell Volume Calculation tool

What is Unit Cell Volume?

Unit cell volume is the space occupied by a single unit cell in a crystal lattice. A unit cell is the smallest repeating unit in a crystal, and its volume can be calculated using its mass and density.

How to Use The Calculator

  1. Basic Calculator: Enter any two of the following values: unit cell mass (UCM), unit cell density (UCD), or unit cell volume (UCV). Leave the field of the value you want to calculate empty.
  2. Advanced Calculator: For multiple unit cells, enter the total mass of unit cells, the average density, and the number of unit cells to calculate the total volume.

How To Calculate Unit Cell Volume

The formula to calculate the unit cell volume (UCV) is:


UCV=UCMUCD\text{UCV} = \frac{\text{UCM}}{\text{UCD}}


UCV  is the Unit Cell Volume (mm³)
UCM  is the Unit Cell Mass (g)
UCD  is the Unit Cell Density (g/mm³)

Calculation Examples

1. Basic Calculation

Let’s calculate the volume for a unit cell with a mass of 5 g and a density of 2 g/mm³.

Unit Cell Mass (g) 5
Unit Cell Density (g/mm³) 2
Unit Cell Volume (mm³) 2.5

Using the formula:

UCV=5 g2 g/mm³=2.5 mm³\text{UCV} = \frac{5 \text{ g}}{2 \text{ g/mm³}} = 2.5 \text{ mm³}

2. Advanced Calculation

Let’s say we have a total mass of 30 g for 10 unit cells, with an average density of 3 g/mm³.

Total Mass of Unit Cells (g) 30
Average Density (g/mm³) 3
Number of Unit Cells 10
Total Volume (mm³) 100

Using the formula:

Total Volume=30 g3 g/mm³×10=100 mm³\text{Total Volume} = \frac{30 \text{ g}}{3 \text{ g/mm³}} \times 10 = 100 \text{ mm³}

Some FAQs

1. What units should I use for the inputs?

Use grams (g) for mass and grams per cubic millimeter (g/mm³) for density.

2. Can I calculate the density if I know the mass and volume?

Yes, enter the mass and volume, then leave the density field empty.

3. Is the calculator accurate for all unit cells?

The calculator is accurate for unit cells with uniform density. For unit cells with varying density, results may vary.

Final Thoughts

I Hope you liked the tool and found it very useful in for calculating the volume, mass, or density of unit cells based on theoretical values.

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