Wheelbarrow Volume Calculator

Do you want to calculate the volume of a wheelbarrow? Use this Wheelbarrow Volume Calculator, It can help you to determine how much material a wheelbarrow can hold by using the length, width, and depth of the wheelbarrow.

For Calculation enter values as the wheelbarrow length (ft), wheelbarrow width (ft) and wheelbarrow depth (ft), into the calculator to know the wheelbarrow volume.

For advance calculation, switch advance mode on and enter values in the dedicated input fields and wheelbarrow volume in the result.

Wheelbarrow Volume Calculator

Enter any 3 values to calculate the missing variable

Wheelbarrow Volume Calculation tool

How Does the This Calculator Calculator Help?

It is useful for gardeners, construction workers to quickly and accurately determine the volume of their wheelbarrow. Simply input the wheelbarrow’s dimensions and calculate its capacity, It ensure you the right amount of material.

How to Use the Calculator

  1. Basic Calculator:

    • Enter any three values: Wheelbarrow Length (ft), Wheelbarrow Width (ft), Wheelbarrow Depth (ft), or Wheelbarrow Volume (ft³).
    • Leave one field empty.
    • Click the “Calculate” button to get the missing value.
  2. Advanced Calculator:

    • Enter the Material Density (lb/ft³) and Wheelbarrow Volume (ft³).
    • Click the “Calculate” button to get the Total Weight (lb).

How to Calculate Wheelbarrow Volume

The formula to calculate Wheelbarrow Volume is:

Vw=WL×WW×WDV_{\text{w}} = \text{WL} \times \text{WW} \times \text{WD}



is the Wheelbarrow Volume (ft³)

WL  is the wheelbarrow length (ft)
W  is the wheelbarrow width (ft)
WD  is the wheelbarrow depth (ft)

Wheelbarrow Volume Calculation Examples

1. Basic Example

Wheelbarrow Length (ft) Wheelbarrow Width (ft) Wheelbarrow Depth (ft) Wheelbarrow Volume (ft³)
4 2 1.5 12


  • Length = 4 ft
  • Width = 2 ft
  • Depth = 1.5 ft

Using the formula:

Vw=4×2×1.5=12ft3V_{\text{w}} = 4 \times 2 \times 1.5 = 12 \, \text{ft}^3

2. Advanced Example

Material Density (lb/ft³) Wheelbarrow V (ft³) Total Weight (lb)
100 12 1200


  • Density = 100 lb/ft³
  • Volume = 12 ft³

Using the formula:

Total Weight=100×12=1200lb\text{Total Weight} = 100 \times 12 = 1200 \, \text{lb}


What is wheelbarrow volume?

Wheelbarrow volume is the size of a wheelbarrow in cubic feet and tells you how much material it can carry.

What if I only know the volume?

This calculator can then determine the dimensions of a shape with the information of the volume plus two of the other dimensions.

Can I determine the weight of the material in the wheelbarrow?

Yes, with an advanced calculator, one can determine the total weight by knowing the volume and the density of the material.

I hope the tool helped you to measure the capacity of your wheelbarrow. The calculator accurately calculates how much material your wheelbarrow can carry. Please do not hesitate to ask any question regarding this tool.

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