Wound Surface Area Calculator

How to measure a wound’s surface area accurately ? The answer of the question is, use Wound Surface Area Calculator. It is specially designed to help you do just that. For calculation, just enter greatest length, perpendicular greatest width into the calculator to determine the wound’s surface area.

Wound Surface Area Calculator

Wound Surface Area Calculator

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wound surface area calculation formula and tool

What is Wound Surface Area?

Wound surface area is the total area covered by the wound on the skin. It’s an important measure in medical care because it helps determine the wound’s severity and monitor its healing progress.

How to Use Tool

To use the Wound Surface Area Calculator, you need to enter the following inputs:

  • Greatest Length (GL): Measure the longest length of the wound.
  • Perpendicular Greatest Width (GW): Measure the longest width perpendicular to the greatest length.

Example Input Values:

  • Greatest Length: 5 cm
  • Perpendicular Greatest Width: 3 cm

How to Calculate Wound Surface Area

The formula to calculate the wound surface area is simple:

WSA=GL×GW\text{WSA} = \text{GL} \times \text{GW}


Variable Description
WSA Wound Surface Area
GL Greatest Length
GW Perpendicular Greatest Width

How To Calculate:

  1. Measure the greatest length of the wound (GL).
  2. Measure the greatest width perpendicular to the length (GW).
  3. Multiply the length by the width to get the surface area.

Example Calculation:

  • Greatest Length (GL) = 5 cm
  • Perpendicular Greatest Width (GW) = 3 cm

WSA=5cm×3cm=15cm2\text{WSA} = 5 \, \text{cm} \times 3 \, \text{cm} = 15 \, \text{cm}^2

Input Examples

1. Basic Calculator

Input Field Value
Greatest Length (GL) 5 cm
Greatest Width (GW) 3 cm
Wound Surface Area (WSA) 15 cm²

2. Advanced Calculator

Input Field Value
Irregular Length 1 4 cm
Irregular Width 1 3 cm
Irregular Length 2 2 cm
Irregular Width 2 2 cm
Total Wound Surface Area 16 cm²


What if my wound is an odd shape?

For irregularly shaped wounds, you can divide the wound into smaller, measurable parts and add up the areas.

Can I measure a wound’s surface area without a ruler?

Yes, you can use a flexible measuring tape or a piece of string that you can measure later with a ruler. This is helpful for oddly shaped or hard-to-reach areas.

Why is measuring wound surface area important?

Accurate measurement of the wound surface area is essential for assessing healing progress and guiding treatments.


How was your experience with our Wound Surface Area Calculator? I would love to hear your feedback and experiences using the calculator. Please share your thoughts and let me know how it helped you in your medical care.

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